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Boho Triangles Revisited

I've hinted at it at the bottom of a few recent posts and mentioned it on Instagram, but now it's time to say it right at the top...PGS turns two this week!  I've been working on a few things to celebrate, but it's not quite time for them yet.  The blog's birthday isn't until Wednesday.  To kick things off, I've revisited something from an old post.  China Glaze's New Bohemian collection was one of the first that I knew about before its release, instead of just happening upon it in a store.  My series of posts playing around with it (pt. 1pt. 2, pt. 3) were some of my first to actually get anyone's attention and were some of the earliest that I felt good about showing to people.  My pictures weren't great, but they weren't outright embarrassing anymore.  The whole thing was intoxicating; the anticipation of a new collection, finding it, trying the polishes, showing them off, all of it.  It's a feeling I haven't gotten over yet...and I hope I never do!

The specific nail art that I redid for today was the taped and sponged triangles.

I had started off with a black cream, then sponged on Unpredictable.  I let that dry, then taped off the lower right and sponged on Deviantly Daring.  Once that was dry I finished it up with more tape and Want My Bawdy.

My love of matte topcoat is almost as old as the blog, so of course I added that too.

This time around it was Deviantly Daring that went on the whole nail.  The first time I tried these, I found them incredibly brushstrokey.  They're definitely not the easiest things, but this really isn't too bad.

Way better sponged on though!

The shift also comes out more this way.  I know a lot of people were disappointed by the New Bohemian collection because the shift is so mellow.  It's subtle, but it's definitely there!

I let it dry overnight, then did the whole tape and sponge thing.  Minimal glitches!  Hooray!

I'll confess that I didn't wear it as a full mani.  Someday I might have to, but the pictures last longer anyway.  That's what I always tell myself.

I mattified it this time around too.  It makes the little flaws more obvious, but it's worth it for the diffused glow.

The New Bohemian collection is seriously underrated.  I remember people being surprised when China Glaze made a few of the shades core.  I was kinda relieved.  I have backups, of course, but it's good to know they're still around.  One of the other shades, Swanky Silk, was part of my first real stamping success.  That makes me love them even more.

I hope you guys don't mind nostalgia because I'll be flooding you with it this week!


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