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Red Clouds Revisited

More blog birthday week fun!  Yesterday we took a look back at some of my old nail art.  Today I'm going back to one of Nichole's old posts from March of last year.  I picked it not just because it's a striking look, but also because it was a bit of a challenge for me.  I don't do much freehand nail art and I've never done clouds before.  Well...not the stylized cloud nail art anyway.  There were clouds in my Earth Day mani.  I figured it was time I try something new and what better for my first clouds than to try to recreate Nichole's first clouds?

She used such bold colors!  I love it!  She says there was shrinkage, but I don't really see it.

I don't have Sally Hansen Sultry Fuchsia or Zoya Purity.  I do have Essie Licorice, but I didn't use it.  Instead I wound up going with OPI Manicurist Of Seville, SinfulShine Wisp, and FingerPaints Black Expressionism.

Because of my rounder nails and cuticle lines, I rounded my clouds out too.  I also ended up going much further up the nail, but that was accidental.  My pinkie nail is such a tiddler that I could only fit two bumps on it and had to sorta fake a third.  I guess I could have done smaller bumps on that nail, but I figured this was the better option.  It turned out super thick, but I like it overall and I'll probably do another eventually.  I have some ideas.  I don't try new things often enough, aside from new polishes.  Gotta do it more often!  I also wanna do more "twin nails"...eventually.

Tomorrow's "the big day" and there's BIG stuff coming!


  1. I was JUST telling a friend yesterday I've been meaning to do a cloud mani! I love how this turned out on you!


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