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Sally Hansen On Pines and Needles

Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure line quickly became one of my favorites once I got back into polish.  I'd really liked their old Salon line, so I went in with fairly high expectations.  Overall, they don't disappoint, so my eyebrows went up when I saw this post on Nouveau Cheap.  I'd wondered what shades might be replacing the ones dropped in recent clearances.  I found the display at CVS a few days later and spent a long time making up my mind.  So far I've only bought On Pines And Needles, but I've eyed a few others.  Camelflage looks like it might be a good nude for me.  I'll be trying it soon, I'm sure.  Everything in this Luxe Jewels display catches my interest except for the white, Let's Snow.  I hope these really are new core shades like they seem to be, since I want at least a couple more.  I usually wait until I've gotten all of my picks from a new collection or display, but this deep green beauty was calling to me.

On Pines And Needles is a deep pine green with fine, dense blue-green shimmer.

It's beautiful, isn't it?  Deep and dark, but it didn't look black on me in any light.  Oh man is it THICK though!  Crazy thick, and almost unworkable.  I'm gonna be adding some thinner before I use it again...but I'll absolutely use it again.  This is two coats because it's opaque enough to probably be a one-coater, but it went on so unevenly that I needed a second coat.  G.'s experience was completely different, so I'm a bit confused.  Maybe it varies by batch and we got bottles from two different batches?  Mine may have evaporated in shipping or something...I don't know.  I just know that it was a world of glop...but I love the color, so hopefully a bit of thinner will fix it up.

Bottom line:  My bottle went on absurdly thick, but I love the color!

Have you tried this shade yet?  How'd yours apply?


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