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OPI Opening Night Gold

I've been swearing all year that I'd wear more polish than I buy, but I'm only treading water.  I still have over 750 untrieds!  People ask me pretty often if that bothers me.  For the most part, not really.  I'll get to them someday.  The exception is my 70-ish untried OPI's.  That number bothers me and makes me wish I had more fingers or at least more free time.  They're a collection within a collection, since it's my favorite brand.  I'll buy a pretty new polish from almost any brand if the price is good, but OPI is one of very few brands whose older shades I'll seek out and pay more for.  I've had exceptionally good luck (and gotten a few wonderful gifts) and most of my OPI wishlist is checked off.  Actually wearing them has been another matter.  Most are still sadly untried.  Lately I've been working on fixing that, wearing some as undies when I swatch newer things and others as full manis.  This one was special enough to need its own post.

Opening Night Gold is a soft, bronze-toned gold linear holo.

See what I mean?  Opening Night Gold is part of the pride of my collection.  I still forget sometimes that I have the entire Holiday On Broadway collection.  It feels like a dream because I never hoped to have them all.  I picked up my first three (including Rent and Movin' Out ) here and there.  My birthday gift from The Beard last year brought me the other three shimmers.  Zeus went out of his way and stalked eBay for weeks to get me the holos for xmas.  I'm still blown away by that!  It took me way too long to wear Opening Night Gold, but he was so happy when I finally did.  It's sheer-ish, so I needed three coats.  I'll probably wear one or two over a nude next time instead, to conserve such a special polish.  I always forget just how much I love the black label formula for it's smoothness and easy application...but I also forget how glacial the dry time is!  Even with Seche Vite, I smudged a few nails while cooking and had to fix them up the next day.  I swear older polishes also patch up better too though.  I was able to use acetone to smooth out the lumpy spots and add another coat.  Phew!

I wore ONG for a few days, hoping for sunshine.  By the time I got it, I had a little tipwear.  Sorry about that!  Focus on the beautiful flame and ignore the little margin of bare nail, ok?

There are tons of holos out there now, but there really is something about vintage OPI holos!  I think it's the particle size.  It's not ultra-fine, but it's also not exactly coarse.  The base colors don't get hidden and they never look as dull and frosty as holos by other brands can.

Absolutely gorgeous and classic!  I can't believe I had this for six months before wearing it!

As much fun as old stuff is, I'm eager to get back to new shades.  I liked doing nail art last week for a change, but swatching is my real love!


  1. Gorgeous! I would love to own one - or more! ;) - of OPI's vintage holos, I don't understand why they're not repromoted :(

    1. Thanks! :) Dunno. I try to keep in mind that they make polish for the masses and not for the fiends, but...I really wish they'd make holos again. At least they've had a few duochromes and I'll never fault their creams and crellies.


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