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Gothic Gala Lacquers: Floor 500

It feels like the wrong time of year for this color, but I am trying to get through my increasing horde of untried polishes. There are some that I have completely forgotten about, like this one from Gothic Gala. I feel ashamed  now, because this one is positively beautiful.

It is a midnight purple with fine shimmer. There is actually an ultra-subtle blue to orangey/red shift in there when you look at it right. It is so dark, that in indoor lighting it almost looks black. Somehow, this is a super opaque cream (almost didn't even need the second coat) with a depth that usually comes from jellies. I think I am declaring witchcraft on this polish. It shouldn't be this opaque, sparkly, and deep. It ain't natural.

I backed my hand waaay to the back of my lightbox, away from the front light, so you can see how sneaky this color is. Once it gets out of the direct light, it turns an inky indigo-violet shade. I need lipstick in this color as well. Dammit. 

Tl;dr is that this will not be my last Gothic Gala polish. Oh no.


  1. Gorgeous, your nails are perfect. What a great color!

    1. thanks! I'm trying to keep them shorter, which means more fussing...and more uneven tips!


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