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Sinful Colors Opalescent Toppers

Toppers!  My polish addiction has a lot of subsets, but toppers are one of my favorites.  Shades that transform base colors multiply my options and for me polish is all about options.  When I first saw these new, Walgreens-exclusive Sinful Colors Opalescent Toppers on Nouveau Cheap...well...I may have squeaked out loud.  I do that.  It took me a little while to get to Walgreens, but the 99¢ sale happened just in time!  I love when that happens.  I bought all three...and a few others you'll be seeing in upcoming posts.  It took me almost as long to swatch them as it did to buy them, with all of the birthday, blog birthday *coughGIVEAWAYcough*,  and then sinus infection happenings...well at least I'm done now and eager to show these off!

From Sheer To Eternity has a ton of pastel microfleck shimmer in a sheer baby blue base.

over Sephora by OPI Cartwheels On The Catwalk

Sinful Colors uses this shimmer a lot, I've noticed.  I can't blame them.  It's delicate, soft, and just generally lovely.  The base is great too!  This is one coat and it went on smoothly and evenly.

When it's matte that evenness becomes even more apparent.  Not a thin patch in sight!

over Sephora by OPI Cartwheels On The Catwalk

Bring It Sheer has icy microfleck shimmer in a sheer pastel green base.

over Mint Tropics

I might be wrong, but I think we've seen this shimmer before too, possibly in Out Of This World.  It's got that same white-ish-ness to it, but it's tweaked slightly by the green base.  Terrific formula on this one too!

I got a little over-enthusiastic about finding a minty green combo that I actually love for a change and somehow I didn't take any actual camera photos of it mattified.  Facepalming ensued, you can be sure.  Luckily I did post it to Instagram, so all is not lost!  Still feeling excessively derpy though.

over Mint Tropics

Sheer Genius has icy microfleck too, but with a finer lilac shimmer as well, in a sheer soft purple base.

over Zoya Brigitte - grrr cat hair!

So you know what's nuts?  See how much shorter my nails are here?  I took this photo on 6/6 and the others yesterday.  Ten days.  They're like weeds!  I wore Sheer Genius first because it's the one I knew I could wear to work.  This combo wound up staying on for almost a week, but I never got tired of it!  It seems a little thicker than the other two, possibly because of the extra shimmer.  I don't mind it at all.  It's gorgeous and it only get better with matte top coat.

over Zoya Brigitte

Toppers seem to be a "thing" this year.  MAC's even got some coming out soon.  They look like CND Effects to me, but we'll see.  I had to see how these new Sinful Colors sheer toppers compared to Tulle Kit and Take The Leap from Sally Hansen's Pastels On Point collection.

Tulle Kit * From Sheer To Eternity * Sheer Genius * Take The Leap

I layered them over Revlon Provence for this comparison.  The Sally Hansen shimmers both have larger and more varied shimmer, but they also have that milky base which means they look odd over darker colors.  Not a problem with the Sinful Colors toppers.  They look fine over dark colors, but they do change the base color as you can see above.

Bottom line: Love love love!  The only even slightly negative thing I can say about them is that they're tinted just enough that you need to at least sort of match them to the base color.  Sheer Genius would make a light yellow or green muddy, I'm pretty sure.  They still have a ton of potential and I think you should dash out and get them while you can!  I seriously might get backups, especially of Sheer Genius since I can wear it to work.

I ever so slyly mentioned my giveaway at the top of this post.  It's only about half-way done and even if you've entered already there are still ways to get more entries each day.  Boost your chances!  Nichole's got one going too, if you missed it.  Both end when the month of June does!


  1. I did the same combo with Mint Tropics too! I loved it!

    1. They're so perfect together...I wonder if it was intentional.


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