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Rainbow Honey June 2014 Mystery Bag

In the interests of trying new things, I picked up a mystery bag from Rainbow Honey. I have seen so many awesome pictures featuring this stuff, but I had never tried it...and since I've been making an effort to investigate more indie-everything, I figured this was the perfect time. It just so happened that I had exactly $10 left in my paypal account. It was meant to be.

It came amazingly packaged. No way was anything breaking in this bag (maybe Ipsy ought to study this). It was in a bubble mailer, wrapped in paper, and then wrapped in bubble wrap. Secure all the things!

lemme in, lemme in, lemme in
All unpacked, and I was seriously surprised by the amount of stuff in there! I purposely didn't Google the bags, nor click on any links about previous bags. I wanted to be good and surprised.  It was like a tiny, glittery christmas gift in my mailbox. For the cost, I really can't believe there was this much in there. Color me impressed...and glittery.

The Goods:
Tea Biscuit Scented Cuticle Balm
Tea Biscuit Exfoliating Sugar Soap
Nucifera Eau de Parfum rollerball
Pikake mini polish
Rose Macaron mini polish
Ichigo mini polish
a small packet filled with nail gems and sticks

And now, for swatches!

Rose Mararon is a baby pink jelly-cream absolutely packed to the gills with glitter. Somehow, this is nearly opaque in two coats...though I used three below. It applied easily and dried smoothly. One coat of seche vite was all it needed. My kids were in love...apparently this is the perfect Princess Aurora nail polish. My favorite part is the round fuchsia glitter. I'm a bit of a sucker for both round glitters and fuchsia, so when you throw them together I am a happy girl.

three coats + seche vite
Ichigo is a warm, electric fuchsia jelly with iridescent flakies. I needed 3 coats below and I can still see the nail line...but its a proper jelly so I think that is how it is supposed to be. I love the subtle flash of the flakies, but I am over the moon with the matte coat on top. This polish should always be matte. Forever.

three coats + seche vite + nyc matte top
Pikake was the family-favorite, by far. Its a super-dense glitter topper. You can't really tell, but there are tiny little bits of iridescent glitter in there, which means that there are actually zero places where glitter isn't. (that sentence was awesome.) I used two coats over Octopus Party's Baptism. They are a match made in heaven. I wish I had thought to throw a matte coat over this too. Wearing this, I felt like a goddamned majestic unicorn. It is fabulous and sparkly. It also dries wonderfully smooth, so it doesn't make me want to pick at it. I am itching to try it over a bright teal like Butter London Slapper...which stains the shit out of me but I don't even care. There might even be a "what can we layer this over?" post in the future...

two coats Pikake + 2 coats OPNL Baptism + seche vite

The cuticle balm is dangerous. It is moisturizing and easy to carry around in a bag. (it is probably coming with me cross-country this summer) IT SMELLS SO GOOD I WANNA EAT IT. In fact, it smells like cookie butter and magic. I am afraid to let my kids near it for fear that they will actually eat it. I love the convenient travel-friendly case, and can't wait to annoy folks on the plane with it in July.

The sugar scrub is gentle and effective. I stained the hell out of my hands playing with makeup, and it is helping me un-blue myself without removing all of my skin. It also smells like awesome, and again I wish to consume it. Soap is not food, however.

The perfume is a bit of a miss for me. I'm picky, so I generally don't use perfumes without testing them for a day or two. This one has a warm, beachy scent to it. The husband hates it, I think because it has a very coconutty scent initially. He says it smells like tanning oil...which I don't mind. The kids like it, and I think it is a pleasant scent for little girls as well as adults. 

Bottom Line
This mystery bag was awesome and fun. The only thing I haven't tried were the nail gems...because I am bad about picking at 3D embellishments. I'm sure I'll use them in a bit of nail art at some point though. They are wee and subtle, so I will make them work. I will definitely be considering July's mystery bag...and in fact, I might just subscribe to this over Ipsy. Nothing in this bag made me wonder "wtf were they thinking?" like Ipsy often does. If you have a spare $10, pick one up. 


  1. Rainbow Honey has the best packaging. They must spend a fortune on the print stuff they send out. Always beautiful. I keep almost ordering the mystery bag, but then forgetting about it. I think I need to make it happen !

    1. you must! There is so much in there, especially for the price. I can't wait to check out the next one.

  2. Nothing better than feeling like a majestic unicorn! I always see posts about Rainbow Honey over on Reddit....I feel a purchase coming on, no buys be damned!

    1. pick up a mystery bag! It's $10, and you get to test some random things, who doesn't like surprises!?


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