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Dance Legend Argus and Dorado

I've said it before.  If there was a Dance Legend store in NYC, I'd make the trip...probably far too often.  As gorgeous as their polishes look in photos, every single one I've worn has been even better in person.  Many are even mesmerizing in the bottle.  I gasped out loud the first time I saw the Caviar Shine collection on their website.  They're all a mix of tiny black and white glitter, most in jelly bases and with a kick of shimmer.  The white glitter is...square!  I figured they'd be too tiny to really see, but I was still so drawn to the two in clear bases, Argus and Dorado.  I wound up buying them from Llarowe a few weeks ago and I spent more time than I should admit just turning the bottles over in my hands and watching the glitter and shimmer flow around.  Somehow it took me a little while to actually wear them.  So glad I finally did!  I'm in love!

Argus has silver shimmer and tiny black and white glitter in a clear base.

over Revlon Trade Winds

The macro photos of Dance Legend's site show that the white glitter is square and the black is hexagonal.  In person they're both way too minuscule to tell.  I don't even care.  The look on the nail is sorta like shimmering static and it's way more dynamic and sparkly than a still photo could ever show.  It's one of those glitters that twinkles as you move.  Because my bare nails are kinda...funky, I put my go-to nude under both of these.  Argus is dense enough at three coats that you could probably get away without a base on short nails, but I like it over a nude.  I wanna try one coat over a bolder color sometime too.  I think it applies evenly enough that it should layer well.

I had to mattify it, of course.  The silver comes out more this way, but doesn't twinkle as much.

Dorado has gold shimmer and tiny black and white glitter in a clear base.

over Revlon Trade Winds

How cool is this?  It's even better in person, since it has that same twinkle effect as Argus.  It's even stronger in Dorado because the gold shimmer stands out more.  This is just two coats over nude, instead of the three I used for Argus.  The only even slightly negative thing I can say about Dorado is that it has a strong smell.  Well...that and the outer cap came off of both of these polishes for some reason.  It went back on just fine, but I think that's a first for me with this brand. love...don't care.  How could I not love this stuff?

I love it just as much with matte topcoat!

Bottom line: The squares are too tiny to see and Dorado has a strong smell, what!  They're both gorgeous and unique in my collection.

Speaking of unique polishes, what are the standouts of your collection?


  1. These are so pretty! I don't have any Dance Legends yet, but they are high on my list of new brands to try. :-)


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