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DIY: Mobile Makeup Battlestation with Things You May Already Have

Battlestation, for those who don't know, is a fancy way of saying vanity. The term makes me giggle a bit, because it makes me sound like some kind of warrior and I am definitely not that. But I do need a place to store my most oft-used cosmetics that is easy and within reach. It also needs to be budget friendly, because I still haven't found that damned money tree. What I lack in money, I more than make up for in random boxes...what, I'm a bit of a hoarder!

Step One: Gather Your Supplies

I had a leftover box from my last Nyx order (yes, I kept the box this long). It was just the right size for what I needed, but a shoe box would work too. I tend to save toilet tissue rolls because they are good for kidcrafts and other random shit. The scrap cardboard is leftover from my DIY lightbox. Elmer's glue is just plain old pvc glue, but I think hot glue might have been a more time-economical choice. It's also more dangerous, and I did this particular DIY with kids running around.

Step Two: Cut Off Excess Cardboard

I didn't need the lid for this, so I cut it right off. If you are using a shoebox, you may not have any excess cardboard.

Step Three: Figure Out the Layout You Need

My day-to-day look is pretty minimal (because I am horribly lazy) so I don't need a lot of storage space. I used four toilet tissue rolls, and that will hold my brushes/liners/etc.

I wanted a place for the rest of my cosmetics, plus to have that little gap in the back completely separate. (My chocolate bar palette fits perfectly back there!) I measured and cut a scrap bit of cardboard to fit snugly in there. It'll help keep things from sliding around too much.

Step Four: Glue Everything in Place

Using your adhesive-of-choice, glue everything down. If you are using pvc glue like I did, go ahead and use waaaaaaay more than you think you'll need. I gooped it up around the edges of the tubes, because this stuff runs a bit. It'll dry, so no worries. If you use hot glue, its much more viscous, and it wont dribble away as quickly.

Step Five: Secure and Wait

Regardless of what kind of glue you used, you need to compress it a bit until it dries. If you used hot glue, you may be able to hold it with your hand for a minute or two.

But if you used pvc glue, you gotta get creative. I scrounged up a scrunchie (hey, I have two daughters) and wrapped it around the box near where I inserted the divider. I also had to wait for 24 hours for my glue to set up.

notes are needed around here so my toys don't get tossed.

Step Six: Fill 'er Up!

Once you've got everything glued in place and it's completely set, start filling it up.

I've got a bunch of brushes, eye pencils, primers, lip products, mascaras, foundations, highlighters, blushers, lash curlers, brush cleaner and rag, plus clips to pin my bangs back. And it's not very tightly packed. I have loads more room for more brushes and cosmetics. This isn't, by a long shot, my whole collection. This is the stuff that I use to keep me from looking like a zombie.

Because this box is so small, I can pick this up and wander around the house with it. It's portable, but not really outside-the-house travel friendly. But it can move from bathroom to bathroom, or in front of my computer if needed.

Now, I didn't decorate this box...yet. I think I want to paint the inside and cover the outside with something. Maybe some decoupage is in my future...I haven't decided yet. You can decorate your box in whatever theme you want. I think it'd be really cute to use some makeup packaging to cover the outside. Or maybe let your kids slap paint on there? The possibilities are endless.

I'm pretty pleased. I feel so tidy!
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  1. What a great idea! I save boxes like nobody's business, honestly. This is a great way to use at least one of them! haha!

    1. I save all the things. You never know what might come in handy for occupying the tiny humans...especially with summer looming.

  2. I am SO glad I am not the only one who saves those boxes in vain thinking OH, that would be great to pack/mail/send ........... something besides polish?! I hadn't thought of using them to store anything though. LOL Great idea!


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