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Walgreens' 99¢ Sinful Colors Sale...AGAIN!

It's only been just over a month since the last 99¢ Sinful Colors Sale at Walgreens, but they're bringing it back again already!  Hooray!  I'm posting today so you guys can take full advantage of the sale (now through 6/7) and because this is going to be a big week around here.  Pretty Girl Science turns two on Wednesday!  Back to the Sinful Colors sale though...  It hasn't been that long since the last one and I don't have all of my summer picks swatched yet, but I figured I might as well stick to my tradition and update with a list of what you might find at your local store.  At the stores I visit, the dregs of Boldacious and Tough Love are still hanging around in some, but I've taken those shades out of this post since they're from months ago.  Walgreens didn't get a St. Patrick's display this year.  They might be in the process of changing the core line too, but I haven't seen any changes locally yet so I can't be sure.  Mod Mod World shades are probably pretty picked-over by now, but should still be relatively findable.  The only parts of Destination Color (see it on Nouveau Cheap) that I've swatched so far are the ones that are also in the Chill Out display and a handful of repromoted shades.  I wish I knew when these sales were coming...but I'm always happy when they do!  I've got my eye on the new Walgreens exclusive toppers and I'm glad I didn't go out and buy them last week like I'd planned.  Enough babble though...swatches!

Click through the shade names to read my reviews.

All About You mostly over Georgio (LE)


Anchors Away (LE)

Bali Mist over Inkwell (LE)

Beatnick (LE)

Blue By You

Call You Later over Happy Ending


Charmed - LED lighting

Courtney Orange

Clementine (LE)

Curry Up (LE)

Daredevil (the current version may be different)

Dream On (new version)

Dream On (old version)


Endless Blue

Energetic Red (LE)

Fig (LE?)

Go Go Boots (LE)

GoGo Girl

Gold Medal (LE)

Green Ocean (LE) over black

Happy Ending - LED light

Hottie over Endless Blue


Let Me Go (and its LE damn-near dupe Rain Song) over nude and black

Let's Meet over nude base

Let's Talk (not color-accurate)

Lively In Lilac (LE) over Dream On (new version)

Midnight Blue

Nice Stems (LE)

Out Of This World

Queen Of Beauty over Sugar Sugar - LED lighting

Rise And Shine

Rise And Shine with Mint Apple accent

Ruby Ruby


Secret Admirer (may not be core anymore)

Steel My Heart (review coming soon)

Sugar Sugar - LED lighting



Violets Are Blue (LE)

Why Not

You Just Wait over Mauve (LE)

This time around, the sale is supposedly "limit 3", but when they've done that in the past it hasn't been enforced.  I'll have to check and edit this post once I know.  I'll also check to see if SinfulShine is included.  That's been hit-or-miss.

It's weird to think that I bought my first Sinful Colors polishes just two years ago, around the beginning of this blog.  Well...the first I can be sure of.  I know a long-gone favorite drugstore had the brand back when they came in short, round bottles...but if I had any then, they're not in my collection now.  I've been trying to think what my first Sinful Colors purchases were.  I wanna say Secret Admirer was one of them, maybe Pearl Harbor too.  I'm gonna be doing a lot of reminiscing this week...


  1. Are there any that you are planning to pick up?

    1. I went a little overboard and bought all of the Walgreens exclusive summer ones! As if I didn't have enough summer swatching to do! lol Three shimmer toppers, three jellies w thin bar glitter, and three textures.

  2. Sinful Colors was one of the first polish brands I bought when I first started polishing my nails about five years ago. Now, between their constant limited edition collections, cheap regular price, and occasional sales, I've got two nearly full helmer drawers of them. :D

  3. The sinful shine was included in the sale at my store


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