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Sinful Colors Turn Up The Heat

There are so many new Sinful Colors displays this summer that I've been kinda trickling them out so they don't flood out everything else I post.  The "new" is starting to be a stretch for these, since they first started showing up in April...but oh well.  I'm definitely still seeing them in stores.  In this area that includes Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Wegmans.  Like the name suggests, the colors in this display are brighter and bolder than those in Chill Out.  There are four new shades, one new-ish, and three older repromotes.  This doesn't happen that often, but I have all of them.  Hooray for the 99¢ sale at Walgreens!  Let's take a look...

Steel My Heart is a glowing fuchsia shimmer.

I don't know how to feel about Steel My Heart.  It's gorgeous and glowy,'s also  I'm trying to tell myself it's fuchsia and not pink.  I'm sticking with that for now.  It reminds me of a darker version of Daredevil.  It has that same lit-from-within look to it.  The formula's thick but good.  This is two coats.

Yellow Spotted is a yellow jelly packed with microfleck shimmer.

over nude

I had to put Yellow Spotted over a nude cream, since it's way sheerer than the bottle suggests.  Even then it needed two coats.  My nails have been getting big clear patches recently, so I can't really do jellies on their own.  I'm not heartbroken this time, since this shade of yellow makes me look kinda dead.

over nude

Mint Tropics is a bright spring green cream.

There's a hospital-y vibe, kinda like scrubs, to Mint Tropics.  I like it a lot though!  It's not completely flattering on me, but I don't even care.  It's a two-coater, but was kinda watery.

Peppered Amazon is a deep mint cream with silvery microfleck shimmer.

One-coater!  Hooray!  Just watch out for stains.  I've heard that from several people.  It tinted my skin a little, but didn't stain my nails in the short time I wore it.  Great formula, stand-out color, and twinkling microfleck make it worth the risk.

I gave it a coat of OPI Matte Top Coat too.  It gets even better!

On The Bright Side is a bright saffron yellow cream.

Easily one of the most tropical polishes I've ever worn and perfect for summer!  (...even though it's from spring, part of the Mod Mod World collection.)  One thing needs's not pink, no matter what the display says.  So weird.  This is three coats and it's watery.

Hottie has small iridescent glitter and microglitter in a blue-tinted base.

over Endless Blue

I'm glad Hottie finally showed up in a new display and gave me a reason to wear it.  It's been in my collection (and the back of my mind) for ages, but only made it onto my nails recently.  It's a Sinful Colors classic and one everyone should have.

over Endless Blue

Also looks great mattified!

over Endless Blue

Now the reruns...

Out Of This World has dense icy microfleck shimmer in a clear base.

Daredevil is hot pink with a fine blue shimmer.  [Formula may have changed.]

Bottom line:  I'm lukewarm on Yellow Spotted, but otherwise this is a great bunch!  My highest praise goes to Peppered Amazon and Steel My Heart.  On The Bright Side's color makes up for its iffy formula and the same goes for Mint Tropics.  Out Of This World and Hottie are classics and excellent toppers.  Daredevil almost makes me wish I liked pink, though I'm not sure if it's still the same shade it was last year.  New bottles seem dustier.  Nichole has my old bottle now, so I can't compare.  Maybe I'll send her a new one to settle my curiosity.

June's almost over already and it's taking our blog birthday giveaways with it!  Enter to win a TON of polish toppers from me or the Coastal Scents Revealed 2 eyeshadow palatte from Nichole....or enter both!  Less than a week is left!  Exclamation marks!


  1. I have Steel My Heart, Peppered Amazon, and Dardevil (the new formula). I haven't tried Daredevil yet, but I adore SMH and PA, even though PA stained really bad on an glitter accent nail.

    1. Does Daredevil really look different? It's been bugging me! lol

  2. I feel attracted to mustard yellows, such as On the Bright Side, but I just can't wear them. They look awful in my hands and is just not my style.
    Hottie is nice, though. & your nails are so short there!

  3. I really like that shorter length in the last pictures !! I love Daredevil - serious levels of pink !!

  4. Love love love Steel My Heart and Mint Tropics!!!

  5. Daredevil did in fact change.the newer formula is lighter pink than the older one. Both were beautiful , it is hard to see the old one go even on the new one is great .


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