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Baroness X Outre Violet Opal

 promotional samples ahead

I love jellies. It took me a long time to come around to them, but now I am obsessed. When Demi from Baroness X sent this polish along with some regular swatch stuff, I instantly fell in love. But some other polish always came in between us. 

This is such a wonderful, seasonless color. At first blush, it looks very Fall with that warm shifting glitter and the deep wine base. But its a great color for hot summer nights sitting around a bonfire, or hanging out in bars. Isn't that what you young people do these days?

I only used two coats here, and I think it is perfect for general wear. I want to try it as a topper for another color. I imagine that Orly Plum Noir would be its natural companion. It might also look good over black, navy, or a dark teal. More experimentation is required. For science, of course.

This polish is so glossy, I ended up re-arranging my entire lighting set up to get a good shot of the shifting glitters. This polish is everything I wanted that Kleancolor Chunky Holo Black to be, but without the smell...I wonder what would happen if I layered the two? I might create a black hole of awesomeness...or an abomination of glitter.

There might be a spam post featuring this polish at some point in the future. It is definitely on my "to do when the Untried box is empty" list. I want to try it over so many colors...and matte. And shiny. And yeaaaah. I like it, just a little.


  1. Ooo, reminds me of Color Club's original The Uptown, but the base is a touch redder!

    1. oh it does! That actually makes me happy, because The Uptown is secretly on my wishlist. I wonder if I layered this over a color like Pacific Blue or maybe Royal Navy...could I get the same look?

  2. Replies
    1. it is so lovely! Like a garnet and an opal had a lovechild!

  3. you do. It is the answer to all of our teenage dreams.


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