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KleanColor Shadow Swatch-a-ganza

 purchased by me just felt more like an "-a-ganza" than an "-a-rama".  I went on a mini spree buying KleanColor palettes last month, while trying not to buy something else that I wound up buying anyway.  We've all been there, right?  The High Drama palette had been lurking in the back of my mind ever since G. posted about it on Nouveau Cheap.  I did a lot of poking around on the KleanColor website, but their shipping is $8 (dafuq!?) unless you spend $40 or more, so I eventually wound up getting High Drama for $5 and shipping on eBay and a few more from Miss A for $1 each.  Shipping for both orders and all, this haul cost me under $15 for 28 shades total.  Was it worth it?  Read on...

The two in the center are from a matte collection called Fab Cult (there are four shimmers too) that describe themselves as "amazingly saturated with pigments" and they look somewhat promising, right?  


bare skin / Fergie primer

Maybe I went a little too light here.  This was the first one I swatched.  They're really hard, so "starting" them is kinda challenging and I probably should have used a bit more elbow grease.  Three of these four shades are virtually invisible on me.  I think it's partly that they're close to my skin color and partly that they're just not that pigmented.  Still worth the $1 I spent for it, since I wanted pinks to play with, to bring out the green in my eyes.  The plummy shade (third from right) is also almost dead-on for the color I bruise.  Mental bookmark for Halloween.

bare skin / Fergie primer


bare skin / Fergie primer

The "black" shade is actually a deep teal!  I'm gleeful!  It's like the shadow version of LASplash's Envy lipstick, so you know I love it.  Overall, the color payoff seems better for Confidential than for Hotlist, but that might be because the colors are bolder in general...aside from the barely there beige.  The blue (left of center) is bonkers!  It is SO blue!  Even without primer it's intense.  This palette's a total winner, but that $1 would be worth it for just the blue.

bare skin / Fergie primer

High Drama is one of four in the Your Highness collection.

bare skin / Fergie primer / NYX Milk / bare skin

Holy shit, right?  I had my fingers crossed that High Drama would be a poor girl's version of Urban Decay's Electric palette.  It's about a tenth of the price but more than a tenth as bold and bright.  Without white underneath them, most of the shades are a bit washed out.  Over white they just scream!  The yellow, teal, and orange are actually fairly bold with just primer or even on bare skin.  It's not a shade-for-shade dupe of the Electric palette, but it more than kills whatever lemming I had for it.  I kinda want High Drama's shimmer sister, High Voltage, now though.

bare skin / Fergie primer / NYX Milk / bare skin

Color Playlist is one of KleanColor's baked shadow collections.  (There's also a big palette.)  I ogled all of them, but wound up with the mermaidy Trance.

bare skin / Fergie primer / NYX Black Bean / bare skin

The shimmer is even more impressive in person.  These four are gorgeously coordinated and this is easily the most pigmented palette of the four on bare skin.

Bottom line: Gotta love cheap thrills!  I'm trying to ease myself out of my comfort zone and these are ideal.  Aside from the softer shades in the two Fab Cult palettes, the color payoff is impressive for such inexpensive products.

Now to actually wear these...  Hmm....

 all products in this post were purchased by me 


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