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ILNP Supernova Spamagheddon

Sometimes, you find a polish and you want to cover everything in it. For me, that polish is Supernova from ILNP. It is a multichrome flake topper and my first pre-order. All the pictures feature a random polish with one normal coat of Supernova on top. I am not sorry. Enjoy the spamming.

Supernova + Fandom Cosmetics We Were On A Break

Supernova + Octopus Party Nail Lacquer Body Electric

Supernova + Sally Hansen Velvet Texture Lavish

Supernova + Pop-arazzi 

Supernova + Digital Nails What Color Is This Polish

Supernova + ILNP Peace

and a special bonus picture

no idea what color this is underneath
Overall, I really like the ILNP flakies. They are infinitely fun over so many polishes. If you break out the sponges, you can easily get a super opaque layer. At this point, they aren't unique at all in the indieverse anymore. But what I do like about ILNP is the packaging. I am such a sucker for a nice box or a classy bottle. It gets me every time.

I have rounded up a few other multichrome flake toppers (like the Baroness X ones) since I bought this. I'm glad I grabbed it. And I'm glad I waited and worked on this post for so long! You can really get a feel for how it looks over different things!


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