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My New Favorite Nude: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Bare It All

This is another polish from the lovely and incomparable Jeanette. She posted a picture in a fb group of this polish, and my obsession with flesh-toned polishes forced me to ask about it. As I was in the process of buying the ILNP polish from her, she offered to pick me up a bottle if she came across one...and thankfully she did.

I have a weird and ongoing obsession with mannequin hands. Amanda's obsession is understandable: she can't wear awesome polish to work. Mine is...I dunno. For years and years, I either wore sheer-ish white-leaning nudes or black. On occasion I'd wear seventy-five layers of glitter. But generally it was one extreme or the other. I remember being in high school and crushing my pressed powder compact into dust and mixing it with clear polish.(...don't do that, btw. I was making bad textured polish before it was cool.)

It is perfect and SFW and fucking magical and I love it. Its a little hard to catch right, but I think I've managed to get it to look true to life here. I needed just two coats for a good layer, and it played nicely with the SV. I think most stores charge under $3 for this, so I recommend grabbing it if you see it.

I'm fair/cool, and this is a decent cream nude for me. By far the best in this price range that I have tried in recent memory. I give it a 9/10: would trade and beg for again!


  1. This is the perfect color for you to have mannequin hands. I love it on you!

    1. thanks! I just wish this meant that I could end my search...


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