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I water marbled!!  Kinda.  Mostly.  I did this by the decal method, instead of dipping.  I think it counts.

It's better than my first attempt anyway.  This time around I used...well...stuff I had under my desk.  The Sinful Colors Flight Patterns shimmers are still in the bin of stuff to bring upstairs and put away.  Sally Hansen Royal Reign (preview) was waiting to be swatched.  They were just what was convenient, but they wound up working really well!  If you're unfamiliar with it, the decal method is the same as the "normal" way of water marbling right through the marbling part.  Then, instead of dipping your finger into the design, you let it dry on the surface of the water.  After about 15 minutes the polish is dry enough to be lifted out and laid on a plastic sheet (I use cut-up dollar store report covers) to dry some more.  Once it's dry, you apply it like any other homemade decal.  It avoids most of the mess and lets you pick precisely the part of the marble that you want to use.  I'm too new at this to say if it's easier, but it might be.

There was some strong serendipity at work here, considering that I didn't even go up to my full stash to grab polishes.  The shimmers, especially Prized Plume (the blue), play with the light really beautifully.

I spent a long time just wiggling my fingers around and being impressed with myself for finally doing something that a lot of you have done for years.

The downside to decals is that the whole thing got really REALLY thick.  Don't care.  Water marbled.  Woo!

Have you learned any "new" polish tricks lately?

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  1. I really liked playing with these toppers too! They look gorgeous marbled together!!!

  2. I have yet to try this but it comes out so beautifully! You did a great job.


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