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Baroness X Pastel Grunge

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Continuing with the glittery majesty that is Springtime, I have another wonderful topper from Baroness X today. If in-your-face neons aren't your thing, then you should definitely keep reading. I'm about to show you the more delicate side of awesome.

Pastel Grunge is a delicate mix of aqua, lime, blush, and black hexes with some silvery holographic flakes throughout. On its own, that would make this a versatile-but-basic glitter topper. Add to that black and holo diamond glitters...and you have a statement waiting to be made. I knew the moment I pulled this out of the box that I had to throw it over one of the Southland Sunsets colors...but I couldn't decide which.

colors used
Baroness X Latigo Indigo
Baroness X Laguna Lime
Baroness X Pastel Grunge
China Glaze Liquid Leather

One thing I was worried about when I saw this was the giant diamond shaped glitters. Sometimes big shapes like that can curl and generally make me curse. Even big brands (like OPI) have had troubles with the curl. Thankfully these laid flat and happy. They did take a wee bit of fishing to get out, but nothing excessive. Basically I applied one coat like normal (no dabbing), then stuck the brush in, swirled it around a bit, caught a few big glitters, and stuck them on. Add another normal layer of glitter and top coat, and I was a happy camper. I don't mind fishing around a bit if the base is the right consistency to let me layer things. If I end up with three inch thick tips...we might have to have a chat.

And now, on to the macros!

If you picked up a few colors (and really, you should) from the Southland Sunsets collection, I really recommend this glitter. I love that it will pretty much go right along with all of the cooler colors...without being super matchy matchy. And...Easter is coming.


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