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Better Together

Sometimes I feel like The Beard and I have been together forever, years and years.  It's weird to think that yesterday was only the fourth anniversary of our first date.  We did our usual thing, going back to the diner at 12:30am like the first time.  We kissed in his car before we left, also like our first date.

Four years and he's still my favorite prop...

the food at this place is way better than the lighting

I kinda feel like this pose should have gone the other way, with my hand on top, but oh well.  It works.  It's become a part of our anniversary tradition.  Two years ago I wore FingerPaints Late Night Rendezvous.  Last year I used the two polishes that he and the boys picked out for me for xmas.  This year I was scrambling to figure out what would be right, when it struck me...Contrary Polish Better Together!  I know I'm better with him, anyway.

I didn't get a great photo of it, which is a shame because it's pretty and it's also the only one I have from them so far.

I'll admit to putting it on over a previous mani.  I haven't been sleeping well lately and I couldn't be late for such an important date!  This year's was the best anniversary we've had so far, full of laughs, love, and nostalgia.  He's one of the few things I'll always pick over polish...I think that says it all.


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