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Ludurana Aurora Boreal

Continuing with the stash busting today! This one a dear friend (Hi Barb!) hooked me up with when I started asking about good multichromes. She told me I had to get this, and it was such a low price, I was sorta obligated to buy it. I'm a sucker for a good sale. I had never heard of this brand, and now I find myself wanting a few more.

From what I can tell, this is a pretty standard multichrome polish. It shifts from cobalt>cerulean>teal>purples>fuchsia. Definitely all colors I adore. Barb was right. The formula is pretty thin, and I needed three coats to get to the level shown here. There are a few brush strokes too, but those could have been easily mitigated had I been so inclined. There was one major thing that kept me from wearing this for a long time...

Guess what "perfumado" means in Portuguese?! If you guessed "scented like a bar of soap from a meth lab bathroom" then you would be right. It is very pungent. Not bad, exactly, as scents go. But there is a definite chemical-meets-faux-clean smell. It didn't dissipate fast enough, and I could only go a few hours with this one. But dammit if it isn't glorious to look at.

Like I mentioned before, it is pretty sheer. I think that next time I will wear dark gray undies under this. Three coats, and I can still see through my nail tips at different angles. That bugs me almost as much as the smell.

ignore those lines...I think I bumped into a doorframe.
Tl;dr this stuff is jaw-dropping amazing fantastic. It also smells like soap on drugs. I can't recommend it, but I can't warn you away...If shiny things made my hair fall off, I'd be the happiest bald chick you would ever know. I can't help myself.


  1. I almost always wear black undies with my multichromes because it makes them so much more intense. Or at least I think so. Also your description of the scent is hilarious ;p

    1. <3 I might try that next. I wanted to get a solid swatch of what it looked like without help. I think I might try a whole bunch of different shades as undies...but maybe with the windows open.

  2. This made me laugh out lout - "scented like a bar of soap from a meth lab bathroom"


    1. haha :D Its awful. Especially so because the color is amazing.


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