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ILNP Peace

So many pretty things have been hiding in my bin of untrieds! I am starting to feel a little guilty. This one is fairly recent, so it isn't so bad. I bought this and a few others from my friend Jeanette. She's a doll, and told me I would love and adore this. She was definitely right. Prepare yourselves for spam.

I doubt a proper review is really necessary at this point. ILNP is pretty well-established. The formula was great on this one, and I am definitely looking to pick up a few more colors.  I wish I would just win the lottery so I could buy them all.

I was trying to catch all the shifts of this polish, and with some weird angles and light positioning, I managed to catch the red/gold/olive shades. It was awkward, for sure. But sooo worth it.

obligatory macro
I've managed to knock a good five or six polishes out in the last week or so...aaaand I only got five or six new polishes in...I don't have a problem. I do have a load of Carpe Noctem and Baroness X to share next week though. Prepare yourselves! The Great Untried Challenge marches on!


  1. I probably have a good hundred untries or so, the shame! Even more if you count ones that have only been used in nail art. Eep! My no buy turned into a low buy because I have zero impulse control and the sales have been ridiculous lately. I am determined to go on a no buy (not counting the monthly disney villain and girl polishes from Lady V) for at least two months so having a load of untrieds might help. Maybe...

    1. you can just send them to me? I mean, theres no shame in donating them to your favorite crazy person, right?

    2. Hey if you see anything you want in my owned boards on pinterest let me know! Sometimes I hold on to stuff just because I would want to make sure it went to the right home. Also I have about 100 polishes sitting around destashed that I've been too busy(lazy) to put on my sale board so I can message you later with a photo of those in case you'd like any!


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