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Carpe Noctem Cosmetics: The Always Greener Collection

promotional samples ahead

Are you ready for spring yet? Most of the northern hemisphere is by now, I'm sure. Where I am we haven't had a lot of weather...but I'm still ready for springtime color. Happily, Carpe Noctem Cosmetics has us covered.

Sweet EscapeMint

First up is Sweet EscapeMint, a minty scattered holo with red-gold flakes. It is a jelly and has that flawless squish that I have come to expect from Carpe Noctem. I used three coats below, but I probably could have gotten away with two. This color is wonderful for the winter/spring season (what, transitions can be their own thing). It isn't too pale and wintry, but its not super OMGSPRINGEASTERAWESOME. It also creepily fits into my accidental collection of polishes that match my bedroom walls. 

Teal the Deal

Now this color is more my speed. Teal the Deal is a cool teal scattered super holo with a green undercurrent. It reminds me a lot of that particular kind of Christmas ribbon, it just has that same satiny glow. I needed just two coats for this one, which makes this a good candidate for on-the-go manicures. Most importantly, NO STAINING!!! Holy shit, guys. A teal that doesn't stain. I want to toss Zoya Giovanna and OPI Amazon Amaz-off  right out the window. This color is everything I want in this shade of teal...and then add holo.

Losing Lime

This is the brightest member of the bunch. Losing Lime is a punchy, happy spring-to-summer lime green pearl with a gentle scattered holo. In sunlight, it looks like a tiny bottle of fireworks obscured by fog...but of course it was cloudy and rainy the entire time I had this on my fingers. Thanks, nature. I used two thin coats for this one, plus a sponged-on third to bring out the shimmer of the green base. 

[Insert Emerald Pun Here]

I know I am supposed to be objective here, but this one is my favorite color of the group. I do love Teal the Deal...but this one. Man oh man. [Insert Emerald Pun Here] is a flawless emerald jelly with a vibrant linear holo. This might be a go-to color for me. It is the perfect shade of green for my cool-pink skin. A lot of deeper greens just emphasize the rosyness of my coloring, but this one somehow balances it. I used three whisper thin coats below, and had to stop myself from painting everything in sight with this color. It is magic and wonder in a wee glass bottle.

I am so in love with this collection. Greens just make me feel like planting things and relaxing in the yard. I can't wait to use these in some lively art projects. You should scamper on over to Carpe Noctem Cosmetics' shop and grab one or two before they're gone.


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