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Squared Up Leadlighting

It's been forever since I did any leadlighting.  Almost a year!  I've been dreaming of various manis ever since I bought a bunch of Dance Legend's Aquarelle tints from Llarowe, but it took me forever to actually park myself and do one.

Llarowe always seems to be out of at least a few of the Aquarelle tints, which was good because it kept me from buying ALL of them.  I managed to snag pretty much all of the ones I wanted though, so I can't really complain.  For this I used Rafael, Sisley, Dali, Malewicz, Botticelli, and Levitan.  The white base is OPI Angel With A Leadfoot.  The stamping is Sally Hansen Night Fright with Winstonia's The Carnival plate.  I had to have it after seeing a mani that Nkem of Another Bottle Of Polish did with one of the images.  Good excuse to buy other Winstonia plates I've been eyeing for ages too.

I feel like Night Fright came out a little...well...soft.

It doesn't make a ton of difference once it's tinted, but I figured that since the contrast wasn't as sharp as I'd hoped, I might as well color the whole thing.

I love how it turned out, though there are a couple of flaws here and there.  The Aquarelle tints get sticky quickly, so you have to work really fast.  The colors are bold and gorgeous though, so it's a fair trade-off.  You'll be seeing a lot more of these, I think...but probably with a different black polish.  I had really wanted to try the Mundo de Unas black and white, but they're also out of stock on Llarowe.  Oh well.

What are your favorites for leadlighting?

 all products in this post were purchased by me 


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    1. Thanks! :D The Beard said they look like Hammer pants. He's not wrong. lol


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