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Finger Paints Sparkle And Snowflake and Merry Mistletoe

I'll admit it, I bought these two new Finger Paints holiday polishes to compare them to other new holiday polishes.  I'm happy I did, since they're not dupes for their comparison partners.  I bought Sparkle And Snowflake to see how it matched up to China Glaze Glistening Snow, since they look *very* similar in the bottles.  I had a hunch that Sparkle And Snowflake wasn't full-coverage...but you'll see if I was right.  I got Merry Mistletoe to compare it to Zoya Logan...and I was so completely wrong that I didn't even bother doing comparison swatches!

Sparkle And Snowflake is dense silver holographic microglitter in a clear base.

over black

Over black this just blows me away!  If you liked the idea of Zoya Storm, but wanted way more OOMPH (and don't mind substituting glitter for holographic particles), this combination is ideal.  This is just one coat!  It's that intense.  It applies pretty evenly, with moderate need for dabbing thin spots.  The formula is a bit thick, like many Finger Paints glitters.  It dries slightly gritty, but only needs one extra coat of top coat.

Merry Mistletoe is a clear green base packed with gold microfleck shimmer.

over Finger Paints Tough Art To Follow

Wow was I wrong thinking that Merry Mistletoe is anything like Zoya Logan!  I knew it would be on the sheer side, but you could never get it to build to full opacity.  It's still completely sheer at three coats.  It layers wonderfully though.  Over Tough Art To Follow, it reminded me of an xmas tree, so I added 'lights' with a coat of Sparkle And Snowflake.

Seeing the bottles side-by-side, I think you can at least get my line of thinking.

Sparkle And Snowflake * Glistening Snow * Logan * Merry Mistletoe

There really was no reason to compare Merry Mistletoe and Zoya Logan, but I did compare Sparkle And Snowflake and China Glaze Glistening Snow.

I- 3 coats Sparkle And Snowflake * M- 3 coats Glistening Snow
1 coat Glistening Snow over black * P- 1 coat Sparkle And Snowflake over black

I'm sorry for the weird order, but I still have some awful stains on my middle nail from the hungry guy.  I didn't want the sheer base of  Sparkle And Snowflake to look slightly green.  As you can see, they're far from dupes.  Sparkle and Snowflake doesn't build to full-coverage like Glistening Snow does, but that means it layers really nicely.

If you see Sparkle And Snowflake and Merry Mistletoe in Sally Beauty's after xmas sale, I'd grab them.  Both have tons of layering potential.

Just one more xmas collection post left...and just in time too!


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