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My Picks from Confetti Sparkle & Shine

This is it, the last set of holiday collection swatches!

I was wandering my local CVS one morning when I saw this cute little holiday display of Confetti polishes.  The names suggest both xmas and New Year's Eve.  If you're not familiar with the Confetti brand, they're exclusive to CVS and are a sister brand to 10 Professional.  I'm not too familiar with the brand yet, but they're only $2 each and I had a CVS Beauty Club coupon that was about to expire, so five of the eight new shades came home with me.

Five Golden Rings is a bright yellow-gold shimmer.

This looks much more yellow on me than it does in the bottle.  You can even tell that a bit in the photo.  The formula was about what you'd expect from borderline-metallic other words, it bubbled a bit.  Not terribly, not unwearably.  If you coaxed it, you could probably apply it without bubbling.  Sponging would also probably work.

I'm Gonna Party All Night Long is small red and gold hexagonal glitter and red microglitter in a clear base.

over Five Golden Rings

This was one coat.  It applied well, and didn't require the extensive dabbing and placing that a lot of glitters do. The microglitter really adds something.  So many bargain glitter polishes are all one size or one color and I really like seeing Confetti mix it up a little like this.  The only downside is a very strong smell, but it fades a lot as the polish dries.  I really like the combo with Five Golden Rings too!

Under The Mistletoe is medium blue packed with an almost-iridescent gold shimmer.

I hate to say it, but this formula on this was bad.  It reminds me of what a lot of polishes I used as a kid were like.  It looks ok-ish up there, but I was being sneaky.  It did this odd 'trenching' thing that's never made any sense to me.

second coat didn't drag, but seemed to pull at first coat as it dried

But it's such a beautiful shade that I had to just HAD TO make it work!  Sponge, then a thick coat of mattifying top coat for smoothing.

And then back to gloss...I really love it like this and I think it was worth the effort.

Time 2B Dazzling is an incredible green-gold shimmer in a clear green base.

over black

It's way too sheer to wear on its own, but it's AMAZING for layering.  It applies evenly in two coats, without dragging or other problems.  It took the beauty of Under The Mistletoe and added extra depth.  They go so well together!

It really varied with the lighting too.  This combo was a starer!

When it's over black it's got a whole other side to it and so much personality!

There's a high-end polish this reminds me of, but I can't remember which.  It looks great mattified too.

Better Late Than Never is a dense dark pink shimmer in a sheer pink base.

over black

This is one of those that looks awesome in person, but not nearly as good in photos.  I tried, I really did.  The application (sponged or brushed) was slightly patchy, no matter what I tried.  It was barely noticeable in person, but glaring in photos.  Still, I love the shimmer and I bought some extras for frankening.

The final score is one superstar, two winners, two not-quite winners.  If you find a bottle of Time 2B Dazzling and you like layering, BUY IT!!  I got a back-up bottle and another for frankening...that shimmer is just so terrific and for $2 (maybe less if you find it after xmas), it's even better!  Five Golden Rings isn't great with my skin tone (and I'm not big on yellow), but it is really nice as a base for I'm Gonna Party All Night Long and I'd recommend both...especially together!  I can't call Better Late Than Never or Under The Mistletoe losers, because I do really like both of them...but with some caveats.  Neither has a very good formula, but they sparkle beautifully and with a little work they have a TON of potential.

And now it's xmas eve!  I never expected to cut it this close, but I made it!  So many gorgeous polishes this season!

I'm off to Ma's house to have dinner with my partner, our roommate, Ma, her boyfriend, and my sister (and Ma's cats - Neko is doing really well!).  I hope you have a great time doing whatever it is you're doing and I'll be back in a day or two when all the festive fuss has died down.  Merry xmas!


  1. Merry Christmas! These are beautiful!

    I love 2B Dazzling! I went searching yesterday for a green shimmer with Nichole and brought home Running in Circles by China Glaze. Now I'm going to try layering :o)

    How do you mean by "trenching", I wonder?

    1. the weird grooves that showed up as it dried, I'm guessing. I wonder if thinning the polish would do any good for that?

    2. Thanks, Christina!

      Yeah, those grooves come out of nowhere as it dries. I have no idea why, but I remember that happening with polishes I had when I was in school. I might try thinning it, but I like to review them as they are when I buy them, since not everyone has thinner...though they should! lol

      I'm sooooo jealous that you got Running In Circles. I can't find it!!


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