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The Chief Returns

I've said it before, but I'll say it again: I'm kind-of a nerd. I love sci-fi, video games, and fantasy. I think it comes from reading A Wrinkle in Time as a kid one too many times. Who knows? My most recent nerdy acquisition is Halo 4. It came out back in November, and I love it. I love the story behind the games. (Yes, I have read some of the books.) I was pretty upset when Bungie said they would not be making anymore Halo games, but when I heard 343 Industries would be making them...I was over the moon! 

(side story: I pre-ordered Halo 4 from Amazon. I have purchased other games from them with mixed results, but with two kids it isn't always feasible to get to the video game store and pick up a copy. Amazon decided NOT to ship my game on time. We called them, and found that they had shipped it USPS, and it wouldn't be arriving until a week after the release. WTF. Thankfully, the awesome customer service dude overnighted us a copy. When our actual copy arrived some time later, we just shipped it right back. TL;DR be careful when pre-ordering from Amazon. It's super hit-and-miss.)

Since I am who I am, I had to have an appropriate manicure to play my favorite console game. I couldn't think of anything! First, I tried to paint my nails with Gilded Lily (seen here) because that reminded me of the visor. Then I taped off a section and did a water marble. It looked like ass. :( So I decided to just to a regular water marble using a dark charcoal cream and the shiny greens I had. It turned out ok. It's a perfectly good water marble. The dark gray reminds me of the bit underneath the Chief's armor...but it's not as awesome as it was in my head. I hate when that happens.

My Inspiration

Colors Used:
Sally Hansen Gilty Pleasure (not seen. It's what I used for the base)
Color Club stink-green from A Winter Affair
Ulta Professionals Envy
Color Club Status Update.
yes, this is the stink-polish. It's so pretty. Do you know that it took FOUR days to unstink?


  1. It's a water marble Master Chief would be proud of. I hear you on the Amazon game ordering - I'll only pre-order from them if it's a digital download. There are too many issues with getting physical media.

    1. thanks! What sucks the worst is that when we ordered Halo: Reach, we got it a day early. So inconsistent. :(

  2. This summer you WILL be showing me how to do this!

    (And dont give me any of this "its easy...." BS. Its IMPOSSIBLE!)


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