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OPI Goldeneye and an Ulta Exclusive

Today I'm wrapping up my picks from OPI's Skyfall collection, with Goldeneye.  I don't have another pairing, since I bought seven of the shades, so another xmas OPI shade is tagging along.  I didn't put the name of the Ulta exclusive shade in the title because it's "Gift Cards For Everyone!" and that seems designed to cause confusion.  It's one of three exclusive shades available either as full-size (free with purchase of two other full-size, regular price OPI's) or in a mini trio called Stuff My Stocking.  The other two shades are called Last Minute Shopper and Skip The Gift Wrap.  I waffled between Gift Cards and Gift Wrap, but in the end I decided the finish of Gift Wrap looked a bit too frosty.  More on Gift Cards For Everyone! laster...but first, Goldeneye.

Goldeneye is an overwhelmingly bright chunky gold foil.

I already had Goldeneye's 'identical twin', Sally Hansen Gilded Lily, but I still lusted after Goldeneye.  The BTGO promo I mentioned above tipped me over the edge.  They're *very* similar (there's a comparison further down), but there's something about that OPI bottle that just calls to me.  I couldn't help myself and I have no regrets.  Goldeneye is amazing.  Gilded Lily is amazing.  It's one of few polishes that Nichole and I have both reviewed.  You can see hers here.  Since we'd both layered Gilded Lily over a gold base, I figured I should show three coats of Goldeneye on its own.  It's not as sheer as I expected and on its own it glows much more vividly, even in low light.

That weak-ass Philly sunlight I'm talking about - this was 1:45 in the afternoon!

Gift Cards For Everyone! is a dark cool-toned purple, bordering on metallic, with subtle bright blue shimmer.

I'll be completely honest's underwhelming.  There's nothing wrong with it and I do like it, but so many of the OPI shades I own have stronger personalities.  It's the kind of color I'd love from a bargain brand, but I'd never pay full OPI price for it.  Still, the formula is very nice for this kind of finish.  Very minimal brush strokes and covered in two coats.

Now the comparisons...

I bought Goldeneye thinking it was an exact dupe of Gilded Lily.  I had to see them side-by-side on the nail to see if there was a difference, since they look identical in the bottle.

R- Sally Hansen Gilded Lily, others OPI Goldeneye - three coats

They're not *exact* dupes, but they're close enough that if you own Gilded Lily already (and you're not an OPI fanatic like me), you could pass on Goldeneye.  Goldeneye applies more easily and smoothly, has complete coverage in three coats, and has smaller flecks for a more solid foil finish.  Gilded Lily is still slightly sheer at three coats and shows a bit of the nail line.  If you don't have Gilded Lily, Goldeneye has a higher shelf price, but is easy to find.  Gilded Lily was exclusive to Target (and a chain in Canada too, I think) and went on clearance weeks ago.  A lot of Targets were sold out weeks before the clearance.  It's not even on eBay.  It's a long-shot.

Next up, Live And Let Die and several similar-ish shades...

I-Revlon Rain Forrest, M-Live And Let Die
R-Sinful Colors Nova, P-China Glaze Smoke And Ashes

If you read my review of Live And Let Die, you know it has the best formula of any of these.  Completely perfect, really!  Obviously there aren't any dupes or even near dupes here, not in bright light anyway.  In lower light there's less difference, but they're still not dupes.

I-Revlon Rain Forrest, M-Live And Let Die
R-Sinful Colors Nova, P-China Glaze Smoke And Ashes

Casino Royale reminded me a bit of a favorite of mine, William Tell Me About OPI, and I had to see them together.

R-OPI William Tell Me About OPI, others- OPI Casino Royale

I knew these wouldn't be dupes, but I didn't expect them to compliment each other so nicely.  I wore this as an accent nail, I like the pairing so much.

Skyfall rivals Swiss as my favorite OPI collection and may even top it.  Every one of the seven shades I bought is wonderful.  I can't even pick a favorite!  Live And Let Die's formula is perfection and I wish every polish applied that well.  It might be the best of any polish I own in that aspect.  The Spy Who Loved Me is versatile show-stopper and a must-have.  Both Skyfall and Casino Royale are ideal OPI creams.  The World Is Not Enough and On Her Majesty's Secret Service are spectacular flecky foils with duochrome shifts.  Goldeneye is the kind of polish people can notice from across a room, it's that vibrant.  It's rare for me to really love this many polishes from such a big collection.  I'm really blown away!

Can you believe xmas is just two weeks away?  I can't.  I haven't even put up the tree yet!  I still have a few more xmasy things to show you...and my Chanuka mani for my family's celebration tomorrow...I've been dreaming of latkes for weeks and it's finally almost time!


  1. I cant tell the difference b/w Golden Eye and Gilded Lily. At all.

    1. It's minor. They're very close. The formula on Goldeneye is better and the flecks are just a bit smaller.


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