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Essie Beyond Cozy and Leading Lady

Essie's Leading Lady collection strayed a bit from the usual holiday shade expectations.  I'd have gotten Buttler Please, but it seemed too similar to Sally Hansen Pacific Blue.  I perused the collection many, many times before buying these two.  I kept looking at Beyond Cozy every time, and Leading Lady often too.  CVS sent me one of their many awesome coupons (expect a 'love note' post about CVS Beauty Club soon) a couple of weeks ago and I knew exactly what I wanted!

Beyond Cozy is a full-coverage white gold microglitter in a clear base.

sunlight - one coat of top coat

The coverage is great, two coats.  The formula was on the thick side, but very workable.  It's a serious starer too.  I wore it for a couple of days and just kept gazing at it.  So pretty!  As 'atypical' as this collection is for xmas, Beyond Cozy is ideal for it.  It dries a little gritty, but I actually preferred it with just one coat of top coat instead of completely smooth.  Though it does look great glossy too.

LED light - lotsa top coat

It's so xmasy that I had to do...well...this...

LED light - lotsa fuzzy red blanket 

Doesn't that just sing xmas carols at you at the top of its lungs?  Even mattified, Beyond Cozy manages to sparkle.

LED light - NYC Matte Me Crazy

Leading Lady is a deep, cool-toned red jelly with small red glitter and a bit of red shimmer.

LED light

Not sure if they're all this way, but my bottle was thick.  Still applied well, I used two coats, but it was as thick as honey.  The combination of jelly and glitter is perfect, enough glitter to hide the nail line but not enough to make the formula lumpy.  The shimmer is very subtle and only shows in very bright light, but it adds just a little extra depth to the look.  It took a fair amount of top coat to smooth out.  I wound up using a coat of Gelous, sandwiched between layers of my regular quick-dry top coat.  I really love the depth of it!

LED light

I'd absolutely recommend both of these.  I wasn't sure I liked Leading Lady at first, but it really grew on me. Beyond Cozy had me right away!

Just a few new xmas polishes left to show you.  This has been such a great season!


  1. Love love Beyond Cozy!!

  2. Both of these rock! I have been waffeling back and forth on getting these... Now I think I will! lol

    1. You should! I can't believe I waited as long as I did!

  3. I want these but have yet to see them in the wild...may have to go on a hunt. I love me some glitters.

    1. I got them at CVS, but I've seen them at Target and Rite Aid.


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