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Happy Chanukah!

Happy Chanukah!!  The holidays are really here now, aren't they?  I'll admit...I'm having a tough time getting that feeling going.  My family's latke night on Wednesday helped.  It's when the holidays *really* start for us.  I wanted to do some kind of nail art, but I was stumped.  I wound up going with a simple glitter accent nail and a color that had reminded me of Chanukah before.

Wet n Wild Root Of All Evil w/OPI Crown Me Already accent

I was tempted to cop out and just do Root Of All Evil and Sparklicious again, but I'd just alphabetized my OPI's.  Crown Me Already was right there in the front row, just waiting to be use and being all perfect and sparkly.

Latke night was great and my mom got me this cute little garden kit.  We've lit a menorah each night of Chanukah and had a latke night each year for as long as I can remember and it's usually the kick-off of our celebrations, since we do xmas too.  It may seem funny to some people, but I came home from it and started putting my xmas tree up.  I *will* get into the holiday spirit!  I will!  I will!

There are still a few xmas polish swatches left to go, but I'm almost done!  Then maybe some nail art...maybe...  See you soon!


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