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OPI Casino Royale and The World Is Not Enough

If you like polish *at all* (and we know you do), you've known about OPI's Skyfall collection for weeks.  I have a long history of loving OPI's holiday collections, but this...this...I bought SEVEN of the twelve shades from this collection!  It was six until yesterday, when I *had to* get Goldeneye.  The other six split perfectly into pairs and Casino Royale and The World Is Not Enough are up first...

The World Is Not Enough is a complex blend of flecks in a sheer medium brown base.

This is one of those OPI flecked shades that's a challenge to describe.  I think their complexity is a big part of the reason this is my favorite OPI/Nicole by OPI finish.  The flecks in The World Is Not Enough are mostly...well...metallic taupe?...soft bronze?'s hard to even describe the predominant color!  Then there are flecks that hint at brassy gold and others that shift from pink to green.

It's similar to Nicole by OPI For Gold Times Sake, but far from a dupe.  Like all shades with this finish, it takes a fair amount of building.  Three coats did it for me.

Casino Royale is a medium, slightly dusty, pinkish plum cream.

This is one of those shades that will vary with your coloring.  It leans a little more toward raisin than plum on me in indoor lighting and weak sunlight, but is far pinker in direct light.  Casino Royale (my brain really wants to tack on "with cheese") has the standard OPI cream formula, so it applies beautifully in two coats and is self-leveling.  It stained my cuticles and nails a bit, but the shade is lovely, so it's forgiven.  For a cream, it really is variable.

My index finger almost looks like a whole other shade!

The sheerness and smoothness of The World Is Not Enough made me want to try layering it.  It paired surprisingly well with Casino Royale!

I-one thick coat of TWiNE, others-two thin coats (over Casino Royale)
When layered over Casino Royale, The World Is Not Enough looks less taupe and more bronze.  It layers smoothly without much streaking or patchiness.  I'll be trying it over other shades eventually, I'm sure!

I'm gonna have a hard time with the wrap-ups at the bottom of the posts for this collection.  I just want to grab everyone by the shoulders and scream "BUY THEM!!!"  I'd absolutely recommend both of these shades, but of the two I'm more impressed by The World Is Not Enough.


  1. I love them both! Great idea to layer the two colors.

  2. It stained my cuticles and nails a bit, but the shade is lovely, so it's Malaysia


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