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I Do Not Enjoy Subtlety

I bought a dress from Forever 21 last month that I had to return. (It had a tear in the collar. I was sad.) They do not give you your money back there, only store credit. So now I have $30 worth of credit to a store that carries very little that I am interested in wearing. But...they do have nail polish! So I picked up 3 bottles (all shall be shown in a later post.) They have the most unoriginal names ever, by the way. But the colors are nice, the formulas are decent, and for $2.80 I am not complaining. 

One of the colors I picked up was inauspiciously named "blue-green". It's a beautiful, shimmery duochrome that shifts from blue to green to purpley-pink. It's brilliant and reminds me of mermaids. It is SUPER thin, however. I am betting it will take me five coats to approach what it looks like in the bottle. It's definitely one for layering. I thought it might look kinda neat water-marbled over navy. And it does. But oh-my-god subtle! In reality, the shiftiness was obvious and neat. My camera refused to catch any of it. It just looks blue. 

Colors Used
Sally Hansen Navy Baby
Love & Beauty Blue-Green


  1. I have a ton of Love and Beauty polishes and I feature a lot of them on my blog. They have a great selection of interesting colors. I haven't had good experience with then marbling though. Maybe it was just the colors I chose? I can see yours and it may be subtle but I'm sure it looks great in real life.

    1. I bought three of them. They were surprisingly nice. And this marbled nicely, but it lost all of the shiftiness. :(

  2. Oh Lady I am just like you, I like my manis loud (but my outfit classic)! This does not seem that subtle in the picture, but of course flash & co make the colors burst! At least you have a good post :)

    1. It's not worth doing if the colors aren't loud! ;)


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