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Malaga Wine, Glitter, and tape

Ok, this is a first for me. I am blogging about a manicure...that is actually still on my fingers! Hooray for card readers and non-shitty laptops!

Nothing too fancy with this one, the title kinda says it all. I got inspiration for the from a friend whose nails I painted for a holiday party. I painted them with the wine color and Status Update from Color Club. The whole time, I was thinking "this would be so much more awesome with glitter." I am a dumbass. I had a glitter that would have been perfect, but I completely forgot about it. I have had it for years and rarely use it.

Colors Used:
OPI Malaga Wine
Nina Ultra Pro Glamrock

I was not super pleased with the OPI this time around. Maybe it's the warm-cold weather this time of year, but I had major coverage problems. It took me three coats to get a good solid cover. But the color is lovely. By lamplight, it's a deep red. By sunlight, it's a perfect blood red. It reminds me of a color by Jane that I loved as a teenager.
Glamrock is an awesome glitter. The following pictures show one coat.  It is dense. It's a combo of tiny and small round bits of silver glitter in a black base. I always thought the glitter itself was dark until I once added a bit of white, and saw the glittery bits nearly disappear.  The only drawback: it's gritty. Possibly-a-substitute-for-a-nail-file gritty. I have a thick coat of topcoat on, and I can still feel the grit. I think that is why I never really wore it much...that and it resembles macadam just a touch.

so much glittery goodness!

I love tape.

I believe you can still get this color at Sally's Beauty. The bottles are different though.

definitely a favorite of mine


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