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My xmas and a fail nail

My original idea was to swatch a bunch of xmas polish in November, then do mostly nail art in December.  You saw how that worked out.  A couple of days before xmas, I finally got around to trying an idea I'd had. I loved the result...kinda.

Sinful Colors San Francisco * Sinful Colors Hot Hot Heat * Wet n Wild Deadly Dose

I say "kinda" because it bubbled.  Hard.


Can you smell the sadness and regret?  I wanted to do it again, and sponge the gold on, but I didn't have time.  Oh year, maybe.

And then suddenly xmas was upon me.  We started celebrating on the 23rd, and I had four xmases in three days!  My decorations and giftwrap are...different.

I've found some really great holographic paper and ribbon the past few years, and I love the black and silver stripe too!

My roommate and partner are just too damn cute!

My partner gave me Deborah Lippmann Cleopatra In New York (I didn't hint, I instructed...complete with $10 off HSN code) and both halves of Venture Bros season 4 on DVD!  Just what I wanted!

I did my xmas mani on the 24th, OPI Smitten With Mittens!  One of my best finds in a year of amazing finds.

That photo doesn't even begin to show how beautiful it is.  It's alive with shimmer, really stunning!  The best part?  It lasted really well until this morning when I did some swatching for future posts.

My xmas was great!  I got to spend time with my family and two of my favorite kitties.

Neko, happy and warm on the radiator and doing so much better!

Cobweb, and our vaguely white xmas

Ma gave me my own copy of a favorite cookbook and a hand mixer!  Now I can stop borrowing hers all of the time!  My sister made us this amazing Krampus plush.

The naughty little children in the basket on his back!!  She did a great job on my roommate especially.

We went and saw my partner's family too for a bit.  It's always nice to see them, and they gave me an Ulta gift card!  Yay!

Hope everyone had a great holiday season!  2013 is almost here already!!  Check back soon for festive nail ideas and hangover prevention tips.


  1. WHERE did they find a color accurate Princess Celestia?

    1. LOL Toys'R'Us. I only know that because I had to take our roommate to buy it for my partner. It's exclusive there.


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