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I am nearly up-to-date with my posts! Hooray me!

In the interests of not spamming the shit out of you, I have combined 3 manicures into one post. They're all gradients, so it works. By now, you must all know I love this style. Once you get the hang of it, it's so easy that you will wonder how you lived without it.

Number One:
Fingerpaints Studio Ruby-O (super old. Possibly one of the oldest in my collection)
Sinful Colors Lets Talk

This was a manicure for my cousins wedding back in early November. The wedding colors were purple/eggplant. It matched my hair! (you can see that here) I had some trouble with putting the color on at the base of my nail, for some reason it didn't want to get all the way up there.

forgive the tip wear. I promise it'll be better next time.

 Number Two:
Sinful Colors Dream On
Color Club Status Update

This one didn't photograph as awesome as it looked in reality. I absolutely love this color combo, and I definitely will be using it again in different designs. 

Number Three:
Sinful Colors Lets Talk
Essie Aruba Blue

This one gave me fits. I did it at night, while watching Sons of Anarchy. It looked so bad-ass in the lamplight of my living room. I went to bed that night quite proud of myself. When I woke up and saw my nails, I was confused. In daylight, it looks cobalt blue, and nothing else. I was super disappointed. 

shitty cellphone pic is shitty. But you can kinda see what I was talking about.
But then, when the sun went back down and the lamps came back on, it turned back into awesomeness. 

also, my nails are waaaay too long here. 


  1. Your gradients are NEAT! I love them all :D But especially the first and second! And btw your make up was amazing ^^

  2. Awesome gradients!! I love them too.

    1. thank you! I could wear a gradient every day and probably be completely happy!

  3. Ok, those are amazing!


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