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Claire's Splatter Paint

Finally!!  I have wanted something like this for almost a year.  When I first got back into polish, I'd see other people's photos of Lynderella Connect The Dots and just WANT.  There weren't many dupes back then, but in the time since, they're everywhere...and yet they were always out of my reach.  I try to keep my price-per-bottle as low as I can, because I buy so many.  That rules out indies and Sephora X Chaotic.  China Glaze Worlds Away got really awful reviews.  L'OrĂ©al Confetti is Europe-only.  I don't shop at Walmart, so the Hard Candy dupe is off limits too.  The China Glaze Glitz: Bitz N Pieces collection sorta helped soften the craving, but only a little.  Each new option that wasn't really an option only made me want one more...and then I heard that Claire's had one.  Malls are tough to go to when you work nights and live in the middle of nowhere, but I made it to one on Saturday and...MINE!!

Splatter Paint is a mix of various sizes of black and white hexagonal glitter and black bar glitter in a clear base.

over Sinful Colors Why Not

I love it so damn much and want to put it over EVERYTHING!!  I dabbed it on with the brush to keep the bar glitter going in different directions.  The base seems to hold the glitter well and I didn't really need to go fishing too much.  There aren't BIG hexagons in Splatter Paint like there are in some of the others, but I'm fine with that because they're generally a massive pain in the ass to get onto the nail.  This was a very easy application.  It topcoated really nicely too.  I mattified it, but  I don't think it made a ton of difference.

I love it either way!  So happy to finally have a black and white glitter!  I'm such a dork, I know.

I finally got a completely polish-oriented day on Monday.  I painted my second Helmer, swatched, and started setting up a few future posts.  It was bliss.  I only got maybe 5 hours of sleep and I didn't do any Memorial Day stuff, but it felt so good to be "back", even if just for a few hours.  I need more days like that!


  1. This looks great - I think black and white glitter should be a staple in every stash!

    1. Thanks! I'm beyond thrilled to FINALLY have one in mine!

  2. that looks like a thinner version of Black Tie Optional.

    1. That's the name of the Hard Candy one...I was like 50% sure it was. I was almost tempted to break my boycott, but this came along and saved me.


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