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OPI Glints Of Glinda

This post is belated in all kinds of ways.  I bought Glints Of Glinda at the end of February on my first trip to a nail supply store.  Dangerous place for my wallet, but it's an hour away and the drive is horrible.  I perused the whole Oz the Great and Powerfull Soft Shades collection, but Glints Of Glinda was the only one that came home with me.  I keep looking at What Wizardry Is This? when I see it in other stores, but I just can't get behind the whole texture trend.  I might get it if they still have it at the nail supply store when I go next week, but it's not high up my wish list.  I swatched Glints Of Glinda a few times, but I didn't love how it looked on my nails when they were long (a rare right hand sighting).  These photos are from two weeks ago when I still had nubs.

Glints Of Glinda is a light warm-toned beige sheer nude.

This is three coats, I think.  I used a whopping five coats the first time I wore it and it was still nowhere close to opaque.  It applies really well for something so sheer.  Almost no streaking at all, which is impressive.  It's really flattering for my skin tone and would probably look good on most warm-toned people with pale through medium skin.

I really like this as an option for work when my nails are short.  It's a very smooth, simple, clean look and would probably also be nice for an American/soft French manicure on longer nails.

It's another polish I got "stuck" wearing when real life was hectic, so I threw a coat of NYC Shimmer Blast over it to add a little extra interest.  Something completely unexpected happened...

I loved it!!  It's so delicate and 'fairy princess', but I couldn't stop staring at it for the couple of days that I wore it.  I'll be doing this again!  Photos don't really do a great job of showing how it twinkles with every move.  I really love Shimmer Blast and you'll be seeing it again in an upcoming post.  The shimmer shows even better in lower light.

It's so sparkly and...well...cute.  And...I...between this and not hating a yellow and an orange....I...I'm having a bit of a polish-personality crisis!  At least I still hate pink, so that's something.

I'm actually wearing Glints Of Glinda again right now.  It's a good go-to when you need to slap on a couple quick coats of something on your way out the door.  A little sheer at the two coats I'm wearing now, but great if you're looking for a barely-there feel.  I may need a second bottle!


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