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Ipsy Bag: May

I'm still loving Ipsy. I know, it's only my second month, but I'm enjoying it thoroughly. For the price, I think it is much more fun that Birchbox was. Birchbox never gave me two full sized polishes. (Here is my referral link if you're interested and feeling generous.)

This months box contains:
  • Zoya Blu
  • Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss in Pink
  • Yaby concealer refill in Buff
  • Nume Finishing Serum
  • St. Tropez Body Lotion (it's a freaking bronzer)
  • A decent bag. I like makeup bags

everything all together
 My Thoughts:

I wear Bare Minerals foundation and concealer, so I really don't know if I'll get any use out of the concealer refill. Without a pan to put it in, it's really awkward to use. It is thick, and conceals fairly well. It's just a little too dark for my skin.
The hair serum is thick. I think this stuff has to be used with a light hand...especially if your hair is thinner. And it smells a bit like old-school shaving foam. I didn't really notice much difference after using it, but perhaps I need to re-read the directions.
The gloss is nice. Very light, and with a decidedly citrus smell to it. It has a very pink look in the tube, but on the lips it's like nothing at all. Strangely, it doesn't have a citrusy flavor either. It's ok.
LOLOL self tanner. If I ever use a tanner, I generally use the Jergens buildable one because I am one pale motherfucker. F'reals. And this stuff is BROWN. If you were of a less pasty persuasion, I think it could be a really good tanner for you. It's very thin, which leads me to believe that it would spread easily and dry quickly. Less than 24 hours later, there isn't much pigment left on my hand, but hands get washed a lot more than legs or arms would. I wouldn't buy it myself, but I might actually use it.

the swatchable stuff

the lipgloss. very meh.

 My favorite part! The polish! My stupid camera only got one clear photo, but wow. Am I ill? Not only is it a proper blue, but its a pale blue. And I love it. I actually put it on my toes too, which I never do with light colors. It applies easily, and cleans up beautifully. I totally expected a color this light to behave light a white, especially after using Kennedy. But it's smooth and easy. So weird. Also, it perfectly matches the exterior color of our house. Extra weird.

Oh, by the way, today is my birthday. Hooray!


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