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What A Fool I Was!

Real life stepped all over my face this week, so I'm not up to writing a real review.  One family member is in the hospital and will be for a while, and two others are moving and I still have stuff in their house.  The upside is it's distracting me from how short my nails still are.  The downside, I haven't had much time for myself so that's only the second polish I've worn this week.  Yay.  Today's post is from my backlog, before this happened.  I miss my nails, but you can see they're coming along nicely in just a week.  Hopefully they'll be back where I start to like them again by the time my life settles down a bit more.  ...but enough about me.  I feel like I owe this polish a BIG apology.

It's Not Rocket Science has dense green duochrome flecks in a murky green base.

two coats over Sinful Shine Rebel

I used to haaaaaate this polish.  I literally winced over photos of it online.  Then I went green for St. Patrick's Day and realized "ugly" greens can be beautiful.  Thank you, Sinful Colors Innocent!  You've opened my eyes to a whole new range of greens!  I still questioned my sanity when I bought It's Not Rocket Science (from Orly's 2010 Cosmic FX collection) for $4 at Marshall' I had to put it on just to see.  I threw it on over what I'd already been wearing, Sinful Shine Rebel...which is also what I was wearing when my patch gave up.  Full circle, huh?  Anyway...I'm babbling.  This polish is gorgeous!

It's Not Rocket Science... I love you, you're beautiful!  I'm sorry I ever winced at you.  I was wrong!  The blue flash is a little elusive, but it's there if you look for it.  It didn't really need undies, I was just being lazy and putting it on over what I was already wearing.  It applied as beautifully as the others I have from Cosmic FX, which is most of them.  I think I need to track down the others soon.  I also picked up China Glaze Budding Romance yesterday because of the siren song of "ugly" greens.

I'm gonna try to make more time to post next week, but I'm not sure how that'll go.  Also, if you haven't entered Nichole's Bigmouth Lacquer Giveaway, you still have about a day and a half.  Get on it and good luck!


  1. I still am in the "hate ugly greens" phase. I have RBL Halcyon and Zoya Gemma and I don't think I'll ever wear them. HOWEVER, somehow your photos make this polish look aaaahmazing. I have seen that polish. I know I don't like it. Now I feel like I want it! :)

    Your nails don't look that short in this photo... I go through endless cycles of growing them, breaking one (or more) then nubbing them. I'm at nubs again. :) It doesn't bother me too much though, as long as I'm not way down into the quick like your break was. If so, then I do a patch too.

    1. Thanks! :) If you see it for a good price, get it! I knew I didn't like it too...until I loved it.

      These are from the end of last month. I shortened them a bit when that bad break first happened, and they'd *just* gotten back where I really liked them when the patch gave up. This was a few days before that. I've already got a small free edge though, so not bad at all for just over a week.

  2. Sorry you're having a rough time of it just now.

    It's Not Rocket Science looks superb on you - but I might be a bit biased because ugly greens are among my favourite polish colours!

    1. Thanks :) It'll get better once he's out of the hospital, I think....whenever that is. Eight days and counting now, poor guy.

      I owe you and the other NB ladies a lot of thanks too, really, for nudging me toward ugly greens!


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