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Wet'n'Wild "I'm Feeling Retro" Eyeshadow Trio

With my birthday (woohoo #33!) last week, I went a little nutty with the make-up buying. IT WAS ON SALE! I couldn't help myself. I've been hearing and reading such awesome things about the W'n'W eyeshadows that I had to check them out. I've been enjoying their polishes, so why not the eyeshadow?

This one is called "I'm Feeling Retro". I'm not sure how retro it makes me feel, but its pretty and sparkly. I do have to state, for the record, that I completely ignore the suggested usage that is helpfully embossed into each shadow. I'm too old for a frosty white browbone. I am. It's ok. I honestly prefer it that way. 

it came with a wee sponge applicator and a little brush.
How cute.

 On the skin, I was surprised by the amount of pigment. For a $3 palette, it's pretty decent. With a good primer and/or white base, they show up pretty true. I swatched them using the sponge applicator, because the brush does not pick up anything but sparkles. I especially love the purple shift of the "eyelid" color. (in fact, I'm wearing it now.)

swatched over bare skin

the hilarious little brush.
I'll give it to the kids.

Overall, I give this whole palette a B. It is definitely worth the cost, and is great for color-shy folks like me who want to get their toes wet in the world of OMGCOLOR eyeshadows.

*please bear with me for the next few posts. I've all but given up on my little camera. I switched to my husbands slightly-more-fancy digital camera...and there is definitely a learning curve. So I apologize if the color or focus isn't great. The camera is big enough that I have to use the tripod, which means I have to find a new spot for my lightbox...which means I'm re-learning pretty much everything.


  1. reminds me of Jem and the holograms :) Lovely colours.

    1. OHMYGOD it does! Haha, thats awesome. I was really into Jem as a kid. I'm gonna think of that every time I wear it now!


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