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My Picks from Sinful Colors Sure Bet/Out Of The Gate Stunning

Another new display from Sinful Colors!  Like last fall's Enchanted/Muse display and early spring's Paparazzi/Almost Famous, this one has two different different names and images depending on where you find it.  At Rite Aid, it's a mouthfull, Out Of The Gate Stunning.  Everywhere else it's Sure Bet.  You can see the displays here and here on Nouveau Cheap.  Unlike Enchanted/Muse, it doesn't have any new shades.  However, if you don't have a Walgreens nearby and have easier access to Rite Aid, you might want to check this display out.  There are a few shades I don't remember seeing there recently (ever?), and they're good ones!  I already had most of these shades, so some of the swatches are from previous posts and my nail length varies wildly.  (I purchased all products shown in this post.)  I passed on Big Daddy and Beverly Hills.

GoGo Girl is a bright 'lipstick red' crelly.

"GoGo" is one word on my bottle (from Walgreens), but two on the bottle I saw at Rite Aid. Weird.  This is one of my absolute favorite reds, and this swatch photo is one of my favorites of the thousands I've taken.  It's on the sheer side and takes three coats, but it glows!  So gorgeous and retro and perfect!

Let's Meet is a sheer bright yellow with yellow shimmer.

over a nude base

I used a nude base for Let's Meet because it's so sheer that I don't think it could ever hide the nail line.  It builds excellently over a base, without streaking or fuss, but you still need to do a few coats to get an opaque result.  This is three coats over a nude base.  I love the shimmer in Let's Meet.  In full sun it's really dazzling!  The yellow itself makes me look a bit corpsey indoors, but not as much as some other yellows.

over a nude base

Exotic Green is a leaf green cream, leaning toward crelly.

I bought Exotic Green when I saw it in the Go Green display for St. Patrick's Day.  It's one of my absolute favorite Sinful Colors shades.  Two to three coats, but so worth it!

Why Not is a bright blue cream.

over a nude base

I have what feels like dozens of shades along the same lines, but Why Not was the first I ever wore and it might be the best.  If you consider yourself a Sinful Colors fan, this is one of the must-haves.  One coat!  A lot of bright blues are messy and streaky to apply, but not Why Not.  The MAJOR caveat here? Staining.  Why Not will turn your whole life blue for days.  Ok, that's a slight exaggeration, but it's up there with San Francisco on the list of polishes that aren't allowed close contact with my nails.  I used the nude base not because it needs one, but to help reduce the staining.  It worked!  My cuticles are faintly blue from removing Why Not, but I need to do a treatment again soon anyway.  It gets a second photo just because I can!

over a nude base

Lavander is a medium periwinkle cream.

-not really this blue-

Not just misspelled (on many bottles anyway), it's also misnamed.  While it is more purple than it looks here (my camera doesn't understand purples and blues sometimes), it's not even close to lavender.  Whatever.  It's an interesting shade, but colors like this can be tough to wear and I'm not sure it flatters me.  I think it highlights the redness of my fingers more than I'd like.  The formula is decent, two coats.

Let's Talk

Holy ancient swatch!  October 24th!  This was one of the base colors I used for Faceted.  My nails weren't just a different length, but a whole other shape.  Oval really is better on me.  I totally see that now.  I thought about reswatching, but then I looked at these and remembered how much my camera hates Let's Talk.  The weirdest part is that it's fairly color-accurate in the bottle and WILDLY wrong on my nails.  Nichole adores it and had much better luck photographing it.  The formula isn't great, but it's wearable.  Expect possible bubbling and a slow dry time...that's how that dent happened.

Bottom line time. (I think I need a name for this section. Suggestions?)  I really REALLY love GoGo Girl and Exotic Green.  I'd call them and Why Not must-haves for any Sinful Colors devotee, with the caution that Why Not stains fiercely.  Lavander and Let's Meet are really nice shades, but not the most skin-flattering for me.  Let's Talk is pretty, but dries very slowly and is a bear to photograph.  I don't love it as much as Nichole does, but I do like it.

In addition to my picks from the two new displays at Walgreens, I also found the elusive Break Away display at a local Wegmans supermarket and picked up a couple of the new core shades at Target.  You will be seeing *tons* of Sinful Colors posts from me in the next few weeks....and belated OPI, new Sally Hansen, a couple from Essie...I have quite the pile...and it's even bigger now!


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