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Congeniality is My Middle Name

Ok, not really. It could be, though...if my parents hated me just a wee bit more.

Anyway, I found this OPI polish at Marshalls, of all places. It was packaged in a set with the gold crackle coat. For $7.99. Of course I had to buy it. I pawned off gifted the crackle coat to a friend, since I already had one. This polish was made for me. Fuchsia and sparkly? It might as well have been called "Hey Nichole, buy this shit. You need it. To live". It definitely needs four coats. I only used three here, and I can see some baldy bits. I'm still pretty happy with it, and am definitely planning another recon trip to Marshalls.

I apologize for the lack of nail art stuff lately. I'm suffering from a major case of "wtf should I do? ok, how 'bout nothing?" when it comes to my nails. Hipefully, I'll get my shit together and try and do something creative soon.


  1. Looks great! I'm still jealous that you got one where the shimmer doesn't fall to the bottom!

    1. so far it seems ok. But this was patchy as a motherfucker. I used three coats, and it looked ok until I went to edit my photos. This was the only picture that didn't look slightly acid washed.


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