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Barielle Blackened Bleu and Nail Sadness

I knew this was gonna happen.  It happened.  The extensive patch holding this together gave up yesterday.  It went more than half-way across the nail, so I knew it probably wouldn't hold up once the break passed the skin line.  I'm lucky it lasted as long as it did, but now I've got the shortest nails I've had in a *very* long time.  Complete nubs.  I decided to cheer myself up as much as I could by finally using an untried polish I kept eyeing.

Blackened Bleu is a sheer black, packed with blue shimmer.

two coats over black

I know a lot of people who love dark colors on short nails, so this was the first thing I reached for. It is gorgeous, isn't it?  It applies really nicely, but is pretty sheer and needs dark undies.  I used two coats to boost the sparkle and depth.

under LED lamp

I don't think I'd quite call them dupes, but it reminds me of Nicole By OPI Too Rich For You, though bluer.  If you pine for it, Blackened Bleu would be a good substitute.

I want my nails back!!!  Waaaaah!!  It's gonna be a crappy couple of weeks for me before I really start liking them again.  I'm not sure how much swatching I'll be doing while they're stumpy.  I do have a lot of unpublished stuff to fall back on, so I'll still be posting, but the pile of new stuff to be swatched is probably gonna just keep grown.  Dammit.

On a less whiny note, I took photos of pretty much all of the polish listed on my spreadsheet.  You can see my obsession here.


  1. I feel you! I moved this past week and broke no less then 4 nails. So frustrating. You are rocking the dark shade though so no worries :)

    1. :( Breaks are the worst! My family is no help either. My roommate saw them and after quick sympathies said "Hey! I think mine are longer!" He's right and he sucks for pointing that out! My partner was even worse...he said they look "normal". Grrr! I don't want normal!

      And thanks :) I love dark polish, I've just gotten way more brights and pastels lately because of the season.


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