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Zoya Kennedy. A Tale of Disappointment

Like most folks who obsess over polish, I'm on the search for my nude. Not sheer, not shimmery, just a perfect match for my skin. A perfect "mannequin hands" look. It's so hard to find. WHY? I can get 4,000,000 shades of pink, for every possible mood and occasion. But ask for one match to my skin, and nada. I get close, but no cigar. It's starting to make me a little wacky.

I have heard so much about Kennedy. Anytime you ask for recommendations on a good creme nude, Kennedy always gets mentioned. I had to try it. Had to. Ulta doesn't carry it (wtf is up with that, by the way?) and I didn't want to waste my "Try 3 Free" sale on it. Thankfully, the lovely lady who makes my eyebrows 100% less awful carries it, and for a better price than Ulta. I asked her to order it for me, and she did. (because she's awesome. Seriously, if you're ever in Monterey: Elements Day Spa. I've been going there since 2004.) I picked it up, and rushed home to try it out. I was so happy to finally have it in my hands. If only...

Kennedy is not the girl for me.

It's far too purply for my skin. Amanda says that she has seen it look fabulous on women of color, which I can absolutely see. You know, purply isn't the right word. "Mauve" is a better descriptor. It's so mauve. I'm heartbroken. Not to mention it applies like a white polish. I was not expecting that, not from Zoya. I guess the search continues...


  1. It's pretty, but IA it doesn't match your skin! I think it's very, very difficult to find the perfect mannequin hands shade.

    1. it is! The closest I've found is Julep Pippa. But it accentuates the purply hue of my nail plate. "The Gap" looks like I recently dyed my hair purple and stained my fingers :( But it's nearly a perfect match.

  2. It really is difficult to find that perfect shade. Have you tried O.P.I Samoan Sand yet? That is one nice nude nail polish that I absolute adore!

    1. I did try Samoan Sand. It's really sheer and my nails are pretty yellow now. It was not a good look at all :(


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