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Sephora by OPI If You've Got It, Haunt It

I like to change my polish daily, but that doesn't always happen.  A couple of weeks ago, I had to take a family member to the hospital and he was in for 10 days.  He's been out for a week now and starting a long recovery process, but doing well.  I went there eight of those days, so I had almost no free time.  I wound up only doing my nails three times.  Of all the polishes I could have gotten "stuck" in, I'm glad it wound up being something as cool as this.  I was giddy when I found it at TJ Maxx!

If You've Got It, Haunt It is a dense mix of tiny black and silver microglitter and small hexagonal blue/teal and orange/green duochrome glitter in a sheer black base.

The problem with a polish this complex is that photos will never do it justice.  With two different color shifting glitters and all of its depth and sparkle, still photos just can't contain it.  Looking at it as you walk, it twinkles and changes and just entrances!  I love the name too, so cute!  Two coats build wonderfully, but I still feel like I should have put it over black.  It takes a lot to gloss it back up.  I used Gelous and a coat of QDTC, but as it dried fully it lost its smoothness and I had to add more Gelous and another coat of QDTC.  Worth it, because a smooth finish enhances the sparkle.

I tried photographing it in every light I could find and none really showed it off at its best.  Damn.

My photos give only the vaguest idea of just how beautiful this polish is in person.  Aaaand...I found another bottle yesterday!  We've already got one giveaway coming up soon, but I'm thinking some lucky person will get this second bottle in July.

Bonus kitty again...Saya was giving me this look while I was trying (failing) to get that perfect photo of this polish.  I had to stop, take a photo, and pet him.

These photos are from almost two weeks ago, when I was still hating how short my nails were.  They're looking *so* much better now and almost back in the range where I like them.  Yay!  As you can see, I've got some of the new NYC Long Wearing shades to show you soon.  See you then!


  1. IKR? I thought it was a black base holo cuz of the mega sparkle, but it isn't and it isn't your run of the mill glitter either. It is its own thing & a wondrous thing it is.

    1. Yep! It's that rare thing that's really completely unique in my huge collection. The only thing I've ever seen online that's similar is Cirque Dark Horse.

  2. Today. Clearance. Marshalls. $2.00. Yeah!


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