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Sally Hansen Shoot The Moon

Ancient news, but Sally Hansen reformulated their Complete Salon Manicure line around the new year.  I bought a few when they were still pretty new, and that number has crept up a bit, but they keep getting pushed aside for LE collections.  I grabbed Shoot The Moon out of my swatching bins almost randomly when looking for something to put over Soy Latte (a LE Complete Salon Manicure shade that you'll see on here soon) and check off my to-do list.  Had I known how beautiful it was, I would have swatched it back when I got it!

Shoot The Moon is a dark silver foil with a scattering of bright yellow gold flecks.

This is two coats over Soy Latte, but it doesn't need a base color.  I'm pretty sure it would be fine on its own at two coats.  It applied wonderfully, very smoothly.  The cleanup was about what you'd expect, with little flecks sticking to the skin.  They come off more easily than some similar polishes though.  Shoot The Moon is  darker than the average silver foil, but still very shiny in bright sun.

The yellow gold flecks are more noticeable in lower light.  I am a sucker for silver foils and I have several, but Shoot The Moon stands out.  If I had to compare it to anything, I'd say it's OPI Designer, De Better's sister, with the light/dark balance reversed.

Me being me, I had to mattify it.

Yowza!  Like turned to love.  As beautiful as it is when it shines, I love this even more.  Mattified, Shoot The Moon could pass for an OPI Suede.  It has that same complexity.

Mattifying also brings out an almost greenish, bronzey color.  My jaw really did drop looking at this!

If you love silver polish as much as I do or kick yourself for missing the OPI Suedes, you need Shoot The Moon.  It's even more beautiful and complex in person and it instantly became one of my favorites from this line.

There will be so many more Sally Hansen posts in the next couple of weeks...and OPI....and Maybelline...and Revlon...and Sinful Colors....and...I've got so much to show you!  My swatching bins are overflowing!


  1. reminds me a bit of Number One Nemesis. I demand a comparison!

    1. It's lighter and more silver, but I can do one eventually. I'm trying to think of others too, aside from Designer, De Better.


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