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Sally Hansen Tracy Reese Spring '13

Sally Hansen's been putting out designer collections for quite a while and I think most (all?) of them have had at least one absolutely gorgeous shade to offer.  This year there are a staggering TEN new shades from three designers.  I rushed out and bought Resurrection (which you'll see in a future post) and told myself that was the only one I'd get...but this is yet another situation where I pounced the second the price was right.  This collection has been slowly spreading around and I feel like I've seen it everywhere.  Kmart seemed to have it first around here, and that's where I wound up getting six more of these new shades...all on clearance!  Yay!  Clearance!  Today I'm showing you the three shades from Tracy Reese.  They're the ones we all drooled over last fall, if you remember.

Hot Lava packs gold microglitter into a red-orange base.

WOW!!  I usually detest orange, to be honest, but can't help but be blown away by shimmer like this!  This was the one that dropped all the jaws last fall, and part of me wanted it despite my feelings about orange.  Good thing my clearance gremlins dragged me into Kmart that day!  The formula is good.  This is two coats over Butterscotch, but it doesn't need undies.  The only problem I had with application is fairly obvious; that glitter really wanted to stay on my skin!

It shouldn't surprise anyone that I mattified it.  I like the result, but I think Hot Lava looks better glossy.

Butterscotch is a mustard yellow cream.

Another shade I'd never have bought if not for that clearance find!  Yellows are generally all kinds of trouble.  Butterscotch breaks all of the usual yellow stereotypes.  It's a highly wearable shade, vivid but not garish.  The formula was also amazing for a yellow.  They tend to be streaky horrors, but Butterscotch was amazingly smooth and easy.  This is two coats over Soy Latte because that was the kind of day I was having.  Laziest thing I think I've ever admitted to doing on this blog.

Soy Latte is a muted warm medium brown cream.

Another shade I can wear to work without risk!  Hallelujah!  It's an "edgy" neutral, if that makes any sense.  Reminds me of army uniforms.  The application was good here too.  All Complete Salon Manicure shades I've tried since the reformulation have been good.  Whatever they did, it worked!  Two coats and creamy.

I'd recommend all three of these shades, though I'm not sure any are must-haves.  They're all very good for what they are though, so if you're on the lookout for an edgy neutral, a wearable yellow (I know, right!?), and a dazzling orange, they're the ones I'd recommend right now.  As for finding them... Kmart, Rite Aid, and regional supermarkets seemed to get them first (here anyway) so they're long gone from many of those places.  I don't think I saw them at Target.  Virtually every CVS in my area has them though, so that would be where I'd start if you have all of these options.  They're still findable, one way or another.

I really need to get to it with the swatching, posting, and giveaway preparations!  Our blogaversary is almost here already.  Eeeeek!  Tons of stuff waiting in my swatching bins to find the time...


  1. I kinda need that butterscotch color!

    1. ....can you believe I like a yellow polish??

  2. I feel like this whole collection got kind of lost in the marketplace--maybe because they're mostly cremes and the color story was sort of all over for the group. I haven't even been motivated to try them yet.


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