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Get your minds out of the gutter, this isn't that part of the internet. No nekkid ladies here, sorry folks.

I've been on the search for a good nude polish. Julep Pippa was pretty damned close, but it accentuated the purple tinge that my nail plate tends to have in cooler weather. I had high hopes for Zoya Kennedy, but it was a miserable failure. I have recently acquired a few possible candidates, and decided to show them all together.

First is OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons. It's not a bad nude, and Amanda has worn it well in the past. But it's just a little too orangey-brown against my skin. Sadness all around.

not bad, but not perfect.

Next, I have Revlon Elegant. I regret buying this. I stared at it in store for months. In the bottle, its got a good chance of being a solid contender here. On the nail, it's terribly taupe. I think this is a color that would look spec-fucking-tacular on women of color, but not pasty folks like me. My pictures don't really show how dusty looking it is in reality. It's also thin-as-shit and watery, which equals flood city.

this picture does not adequately show how brown this polish is.

Lastly, there is Khroma Buff. I know, I's a Kardashian brand polish. But I had to try it. I had to. It was sitting there, taunting me with possibilities. I actually like this one best out of the bunch. It does have some major flaws, however. First: there is this obnoxious barcode sticker on the side, like some sort of "freshness seal", that leaves an irritating sticky residue all over the bottle and cap. I hate that, more than words can convey. Next: this is FOUR coats, people. Five on my pinky and ring finger. If you're looking for a good sheer...well, this ain't it...but if you like throwing on one coat and getting no color payoff and plenty of streaks, then this is the polish for you! Once you layer (and layer) the coats on, its actually not a terrible nude in person. But the formula completely puts me off.

I'm so ashamed. A) that I bought this and B) that I kinda
liked it.

The TL;DR here is if you want a decent nude, and you're kinda-yellow-kinda-khaki-but-fair, pick the OPI. It's got the best formula. I know they look really similar in these pictures (new camera is still giving me fits) but they are all quite different in daylight.

all three, side by side.


  1. I agree with you, the OPI is such a great pick! I wonder what flaw do you see in it though, because it looks gorgeous to me :)

    1. in person, it was a bit orangey on my skin. In pictures, it looks near perfect. Which is a bummer. If I were a little more tanned, it might be a better match.


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