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My Picks from Sinful Colors Pool Side Polish

Yet another new(-ish) display from Sinful Colors at Walgreens!  I don't think there's an equivalent of Pool Side Polish showing up at Rite Aid, but I did see this display at a local Wegmans supermarket.  Of the eight shades in this display, three are new.  I passed on Sunburnt (a red-orange) and Bikini Lines (pink), but I did pick up Tidal Wave.  I also already had four of the repromoted shades.  I love how blue-centric most summer collections are this year. I'm a total sucker for blue creams.  I have around sixty of them.  Another Sinful Colors display has even more blue and you *should* be seeing my picks from it here very soon.  This could become a whole week of Sinful Colors posts from me.  Pool Side Polish's color selection really has a swim-suity feel to it, so the name is perfect!

Tidal Wave is a pastel blue cream.

A pastel that looks decent on me!?  Weird, right?  I shouldn't be *too* surprised, since Sugar Rush wasn't too bad on me either.  I found Tidal Wave more flattering.  I'm thinking I probably should have done a comparison, but...hindsight!  I'll hopefully be doing a massive blue cream comparison someday.  Back to Tidal Wave though...  This is three coats.  It wasn't the easiest polish to apply, it is white-based, but I didn't have any issues with it.

Out Of This World has silvery-white microfleck in a clear (I think) base.

A hard shade to describe!  There's something icy about it.  I'm pretty sure the base is clear, but it may have a slight white or pearl tint to it.  The microfleck is so dense that it really doesn't matter.  As dense as it is, it still takes four coats to really look "done".  Even then, the nail line still shows.  I might wear a nude base under this next time.  The cleanup was rough, because those flecks just don't want to leave the skin.  You can see one stubborn one in the photo of Tidal Wave....grr...

When a polish takes this many coats to build, it always piques my layering curiosity.  I put a coat of Out Of This World over Tidal Wave.  It layers really well, adding a lot of sugary shimmer but not hiding the base.

Rise And Shine is an aqua with a soft shimmer.

I don't think I've ever seen a photo of Rise And Shine that *quite* gets the color right.  It's greener than it looks here, and more vivid.  Photographic issues aside, this is a terrific polish!  This is just one coat!  Woo!  There's a hint of nail line showing, so two coats might be perfection.  I think it's exactly what I wish Essie Naughty Nautical was, more saturated and with a little bit more shimmer.  I wish I could find a comparison of the two.  The shimmer and color reminded me a bit of Mint Apple, so I did a quick accent nail and I really like the two together.

....and now the reruns...

Endless Blue is a vivid medium blue cream.

Can't express enough love for this one!  Really great, all-around.  One coat!  Just wish that my camera could get it and me true-to-color...

Why Not is a bright blue cream.

over a nude base

A favorite of mine, but a notorious stainer.  The nude base was a buffer zone, because trust need one!

Bottom line:  They're all winners!  Endless Blue and Why Not are two shades that any Sinful Colors fan pretty much has to have.  Tidal Wave is a pastel and yet I *like* it.  Rise And Shine is a great color with a wonderful formula.  Out Of This World is great for layering, but takes a lot of building to wear it on its own.  I'd recommend all five.

As I hinted before, Sinful Colors has done blue polish fans a massive favor this summer.  Stay tuned!


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