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Tutorial: Fix your Broken Eyeshadows

My daughter recently turned 6. (I know! I feel like time is slipping right by me lately!)  Her bff bought her a massive make-up haul. My kids have been fabulously beautiful lately. My house also looks like a stripper exploded: glitter everywhere! 

This is her original haul, before she opened everything:

so. much. glitter.

Less than a week later, we had our first casuality: Essence 3D eyeshadow in Irresistable Purr-ple.

there were tears. I understood them.

Since I'm "mommy" it's my job to fix stuff like this. I searched the internets for tutorials, and they are all pretty much the same: smush, alcohol, smooth, press. I decided to try it, and of course photograph the hell out of it.

Assemble your tools:
rubbing alcohol
cling film
tongue depressor
scrap of fabric (which I found wasn't enough. Just grab a roll of paper towels)
something round to press the powder

yes, thats lice spray. It's round. Shut up.

 Cover your shadow with the cling film, otherwise you'll make an epic mess.

Using the tongue depressor (or whatever. I have a giant box of these.) crush the broken bits into as fine a powder as you can muster.


all crushed. It's still pretty this way.

Fill your pipette with alcohol, and slowly squirt it into the pan. I think I used a pipette and a half, and my pipette is 3.5ml. That might have been too much, but it worked.

With your tongue depressor, stir it up until its nice and homogenous. You don't want any lumps of dry shadow in here.

Cover with your paper towel (not fabric, it didn't absorb enough.) 

Using whatever round thing you grabbed, press down evenly on the pan. You'll see the alcohol spread into the fabric/paper towel. Lather, rinse, repeat until there is very little alcohol soaking into the fabric/towel. I think I used 7 different bits of paper towel, but you use however many you want. The more alcohol you absorb, the faster it'll dry. Since this was for a kid, I wanted the powder to be pretty more glitter all over my house!

 All done!

For the curious, this shadow looks lovely when applied wet! I might have to buy one for me and make a cream shadow out of it! 


  1. Whoa, very nice tutorial, My mother once had the same problem and she just uses it like loose powder afterwards =_=?
    thank you for the info! =)

  2. Do you think this method would work for a broken blush?

    1. Yeah I do. I've done it since on a WnW bronzer with good results.


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