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Pretty Girl Science and the Coupon Of Destiny

Pretty Girl Science is a year old today!  First, I wanna thank EVERYONE for proving that the internet does have room for another makeup blog.  You people are so welcoming and supportive and the polish community is the best I've ever been a part of.  I'm not just saying that!  I also need to thank Nichole for...well...everything!  I love you, lady, and it's been a great year!

So how'd this whole thing start?  With a humble coupon.  Be warned, I'm possibly an even bigger dork than Nichole and I'm about to go all "origin story" on you.  I promise there are nail photos buried in this post somewhere.

Nichole and I met on the Sim Sisters forum back in April-ish of...uh....'01?  Sounds about right.  We hit it off fast and many AIM chats followed.  We collaborated on a couple of Sims websites, but never had a full-on partnership like we have now.  Two years ago Nichole sent me a link to this video and my jaw dropped.  Remember when magnetic polish was unbelievable and AMAZING??  ...and when it cost $15-ish a bottle?  We both ooh'ed and ahh'ed over it and hoped that a drugstore brand would dupe it.  Sally Hansen, among others, eventually brought magnetics into a more reasonable price-range.  I was busy falling in love and moving and shit like that, so I didn't get any of them.  Hard to believe now, but there was a time when I didn't buy a single bottle of polish for six months!  I rarely go six days lately.  I also thought $10-ish was still too much to pay for a polish.

Then I had a car accident.  I was barely hurt, but my car was totaled.  It kinda messed me up.  About a month later the Target Spring '12 Beauty Bag arrived.  In that fateful box was....duhn duhn DUHN...The Coupon Of Destiny!!  I forget if it was $1 or $2 off, but it brought Sally Hansen Magnetic polish under my $8 per bottle self-imposed limit.  I was *there*.  Silver Elements came home with me and I was awe-struck. I took my first nail polish photo at Nichole's insistence.

May 23rd, 2012

That's....something...isn't it?  Nichole replied "LOVE magnetic polish".  I do too.  Still do.  Almost right away I had to have MORE.  I ordered the whole China Glaze Magnetix collection and several of the Nabi Magnetics too.  Something in my brain went *ding*.  Buying polish temporarily relieved my stress and depression.  I went on a massive polish binge with no end in sight.  Not the healthiest way to deal with life's bullshit, but there are worse things I could be doing.

When the hauling began I started reading reviews on blogs.  I got hooked!  The more I hauled, the more I wanted to blog too.  I admitted it openly on Facebook on June 3rd, at the end of a haul photo caption:

...oh...and I'm starting a makeup (and occasionally clothing probably) blog soon, so full reviews on there eventually.

Yeah...there were gonna be clothing posts.  Might still be someday.  (I never reviewed any of the stuff in the photo either.)  Nichole replied with:

Ha! If you need any help with that, count me in

Thus began our partnership.  I must have had a really dull night at work after that, because the first Pretty Girl Science post was less than 12 hours later.

Somehow the polish I bought with The Coupon Of Destiny never made an appearance on the blog.  Today, I'm fixing that.

Silver Elements has a black base with silver microglitter and a frosty silver pull.

By this point, I think we've all worn at least one magnetic polish.  They're all a bit of a hassle.  Silver Elements has all of the usual foibles.  It's easy to mess up by bumping the magnet on your nail.  The pull settles back out as the polish cures fully.  All of that.  Still, the magnet is among the strongest and the polish itself applies pretty well.

...and some more pics of Silver Elements, because HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!!

This is the first time I've worn a magnetic polish in months.  They're such divas, but...the wow factor is still there for me after a year.  I have so many untried magnetics and I think I'll have to fix that soon.

So a whole year!  Wow!  There's a celebratory giveaway, a pretty big one, coming up VERY soon.  Thank you all again, so much!  You've made it an amazing year and we love you all!


  1. Looks so perfect! Did you do your plastic bag the night before thingie or straight on the nail. I also use buying polish as a stress reliever but after a recent binge...I need to slow. Also love magnetics, also think they are the biggest divas ;-)

    1. Thanks! :) I didn't do the decal method. Instead I held my hands at eye-level so I could make sure I didn't hit the nail. Much easier for me to hold that way too.

  2. Congrats on your one year anniversary!

    1. Thank you! :) I can't believe it's been a year already!


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