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Maybelline Clearly Spotted and Drops Of Jade

Maybelline's new Polka Dots collection first appeared in the UK (though theirs is a bit different) a few months ago.  It's not officially out in the US until July, but a tip from cyndiinphilly on Makeupalley's Nail Board sent me running to Wegmans (Northeast regional supermarket) to get my hands on it early.  The display was almost empty, down to just one of most shades, but I bought the two I was there for.  I have a very strong hunch that these new shades will be added to Maybelline's Color Show core line.  The display doesn't say they're limited edition and neither do the labels!  Here's hoping!

Clearly Spotted has three sizes of black and white hexagonal glitter and tiny round black and white glitter in a clear base.

over Sinful Colors Anchors Away

Just a few weeks ago I was geeking out over finally getting my first black and white glitter.  Now I've got options!  I love options!  Clearly Spotted and Claire's Splatter Paint are different enough to justify owning both.  They both take a bit of dabbing and placing to apply, but that's to be expected.  Clearly Spotted is denser, doesn't have bar glitter, and has a smaller range of hexagon sizes than Splatter Paint.  I love both equally and I really hope my hunch is right!  This needs to be core!

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I also mattified it's almost obligatory.  I love it even more like this!

over Sinful Colors Anchors Away

Drops Of Jade has two sizes of white and three sizes of black hexagonal glitter in a milky jade jelly base.

The glitter mix in Drops Of Jade isn't the same as Clearly Spotted.  Weird, no?  Drops Of Jade doesn't apply very smoothly at first, but the glitter is tamed after multiple coats.  This is three and you can still see my nail line at some angles.  The base couldn't have been more opaque and still shown the glitter as well.  The sandwich effect is worth the sheerness.

I mattified Drops Of Jade too and the result is like a mint chocolate chip sorbet.  So summery!  Can you tell I haven't had lunch yet?

I tried layering it too, but I don't love the results.  For some reason the smoothness I got with three coats on their own just didn't materialize over a cream base.  The result is lumpy and the bad kind of chaotic.  Oh well.

over Urban Utopia

Bottom Line:  Both Clearly Spotted and Drops Of Jade are great!  How awesome will it be if they're permanent shades?  As far as the other three shades go, I passed on them for a variety of reasons.  For starters, Drops Of Jade is much more opaque than the other jellies.  Beyond that, Dotty didn't seem like it would flatter my coloring, Pretty In Polka is pink ('nuff said), and Blue Marks The Spot is incredibly watery and doesn't look like it would ever be opaque.  If you like a sheerer look and the colors they come it, I'd say you should check them out too.

Tomorrow's post is MASSIVE.  I actually rushed today's post ahead because I realized how giant tomorrow's is.  HUGE, I tell you....GINORMOUS!  Brace yourselves for a crap ton of photos!


  1. I can't wait for these. You probably got the two I would get as well but I might give the blue one a go too.

  2. These are available in the uk but with different names. Why do companies do this lol :) I love the green also.


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